Three reasons why online booking is key to conversions for your MedSpa, Cosmetic practice, dermatology practice, and any medical clinic

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Provide a Frictionless Experience

Online booking is not just for hotels, flights, and rental cars. It’s fast becoming the norm for appointments of all sorts. With your online booking system, you can serve patients better by providing a seamless experience from start to finish.

Patients want convenience—for example, they don’t want to have to make phone calls or send emails back and forth with your office staff to set up an appointment. They also don’t want to waste time filling out paperwork before their first consultation. Online booking systems eliminate these hurdles; patients can book on your website when convenient for them and then access all of their appointment information on their mobile device or computer without calling you.

Finally, online booking is easily integrated with social media platforms like Instagram. People already familiar with you can seamlessly book appointments when they see an ad or post about your services on social media.

Offer the Right Tools

Here are some essential features your booking solution must have:

  • It should be integrated with your practice management software.
  • It should be available on all devices. If not, it will miss out on the mobile reservation trend.
  • It should be HIPAA compliant so you don’t get in trouble for accidentally sharing private information.
  • It should send appointment reminders to patients. It reduces no-shows and keeps your business running smoothly.
  • It should accept payments online. This way, patients can book an appointment and pay simultaneously (if they so choose).

Deliver Instant Gratification

Instant gratification ensures that you can offer a better experience for your customers. This benefit encourages more appointments faster.

Instant gratification creates a psychological “reward” in the brain. It releases dopamine, a feel-good hormone and neurotransmitter in the brain. By providing instant information and appointment setting options to your potential patients, you increase their engagement, increasing the chances of them making an appointment with you. Instant gratification makes it simple and easy to deliver accurate results, such as booking online appointments for your clients – something that both of you can enjoy!

Online booking delivers a frictionless experience, is easy to use, and gives instant gratification to your patients.

  • Online booking delivers a frictionless experience.

You’ve probably noticed that customers like to do things online. If they can avoid talking to someone on the phone or showing up somewhere in person, they will. It is especially true when it comes to booking appointments.

It is good news for you because you can offer a frictionless experience for your patients and get them through the door faster.

  • Online booking is easy to use

It’s way more accessible than the old-fashioned way of calling up your practice and trying to get an appointment—for both of you! When prospective patients are looking over your website (and frequently when they’re not), it’s straightforward for them to book an appointment with just a few clicks of their mouse. It gives them instant gratification, precisely what

you want if you want those prospects to become actual paying patients. And online booking makes things infinitely more manageable for you, too! You don’t have to deal with having your phone ring off the hook all day and field countless calls from people wanting appointments at inconvenient hours. Instead, people are free to book appointments any time of day or night—and by doing so, they free up your receptionists’ time to focus on more critical tasks that need their attention in the office.

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