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Three Simple Ways to Market Fillers to Your Medical Spa with SEO.

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Fillers have revolutionized the field of medical aesthetics. With the aging of baby boomers, fillers have transformed into a sought-after rejuvenation procedure as they eliminate wrinkles and other skin imperfections while offering a more youthful look with minimal downtime. Furthermore, fillers are gaining popularity due to the increased attention, mainly from social media, and the availability of a wide array of filler materials at more affordable prices.

Yet, as a medical spa owner, you might wonder how to go the extra mile and stay on top despite the rising competition. The good news is that the answer is right here: search engine optimization or SEO. This mainstream digital marketing strategy can be overwhelming to many startups and small enterprises. SEO, as an aspect of online marketing, can be even more intimidating if you have a limited marketing budget and can’t afford even a few wasted bucks at your marketing strategy when your big competitors can.

But, fret no more! SEO can be enormous in digital marketing, yet it is nowhere near intimidating as long you utilize the right approach for your medical spa’s website. Do you want proof? Here are three simple ways to market fillers with SEO that can drive more traffic to your website, among its other advantages:

1. Pick relevant keywords

A focused topic makes it easier to pick your website’s keywords. When marketing fillers for your medical spa, you need to ensure that the word “fillers” and other related words that connect to this particular service can be found in your website’s content. To properly use keywords, you can take your website’s essential elements – blogs, podcasts, images, videos – and summarize them in SEO-friendly terms. It is also best to incorporate these keywords in your website’s URL, header tags, meta descriptions, etc.

Optimizing your keywords to match people’s searches is also critical. However, many other websites will pop up when searchers type in “fillers” on Google. Hence, it would help if you backed up your common keywords with long-tail keywords that can help set aside your website from the pool of other websites that offer the same treatment. A long-tail keyword such as “the benefits of fillers on your skin” can turn into a specific search that you can leverage to make your website stand out from the pack. It is important not to get obscure, as you don’t want to use keywords that few searchers key into search engines.

2. Publish quality guest blog posts

Guest blogging is an inexpensive and excellent strategy to strengthen your SEO efforts because it allows you to generate backlinks by sharing your knowledge with a new audience. It is always best to go in-depth with information-packed articles rather than putting together a strange combination of words or rambling on your website with confusing content. After all, search engines prioritize those websites with consistently fresh content. You don’t want to copy and paste from a competitor’s website. In fact, search engines will penalize you for doing so.

When people search for a specific topic on search engines, they most likely have burning questions that need answers. Having quality blogs sitting conspicuously on your website to educate the searchers can increase traffic to your website and increase your brand’s engagement with your audience.

While blogging is a proven strategy to increase your organic ranking even on a budget, it will require time to perform necessary tasks. One way to succeed in this approach is to utilize guest blogging to provide value to your readers. Your website is streamlined to increase online ranking when properly executed since search engines can justify your business as a figure of authority in your industry.

3. Local optimization

Getting your medical spa’s website to rank nationally for competitive keywords might take time, money, and energy. Various companies have been working for years and spent tens of thousands of dollars to achieve a high SEO ranking, locally and nationally. If you have a limited budget for your marketing campaign, it is best to focus first on ranking well in your local or regional market.

One of the main advantages of local SEO is it drives potential clients to your site while dramatically improving your website’s conversion rate. Research shows that 28% of the local searches result in sales. Therefore, there is no denying that local SEO results in a better conversion rate, and increased traffic flow results in increased sales.

Dominating your domestic market can help provide growth opportunities and the highest ROI than spending too much attention across a larger demographic area. Local SEO is the answer if you are trying to market your filler treatments and build a solid online presence (even on a shoestring budget)! Here are three local SEO strategies you may consider to dominate your local market, letting your online rankings skyrocket:

1. Set up your Google My Business account.

2. Generate local reviews.

3. Utilize social media marketing.

Market fillers for your medical spa? We got you covered!

Dermal fillers are one of the primary things the field of medical aesthetics offers that solve people’s physical concerns. It is also one of the most effective treatments in battling the different signs of skin aging. While we understand how fillers are helpful to so many aesthetic patients, we must know by now how the competition for this specific treatment can be fierce. That’s why digital marketing is always ready for your aid!

Growth99, with its team of digital marketing experts, specializes in various proven digital strategies for building businesses’ online presence, one of which is SEO. Give them a call today and experience a dynamic partnership that can help your medical aesthetics business!

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