4 Ways To Run Your Dental Practice With Tools & Process Automation

Most individuals had never heard of virtual assistants a decade ago. Intelligent devices that can do anything and are intertwined with everyday life are becoming commonplace. However, the adoption of automation by businesses has been less than enthusiastic. They are doing this for good reasons, of course. There will be disruption as new systems or procedures are introduced, and so many businesses continue as usual.

However, the tides have turned, and this may be the greatest time to introduce cutting-edge tech. According to a recent survey, the COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the pace of digitalization forward. Therefore, if you want to keep your dental practice competitive, you need to automate procedures that require a lot of manual labor. It helps you expand your company while keeping track of its employees and processes efficiently, no matter how volatile the external environment gets.

Here are four processes in a dental clinic that would be more efficient with the help of modern automation

1. Digital Forms For Patients

One of the quickest and easiest methods to streamline time-consuming tasks in your office is to switch to digital forms. When registering new patients, they are invaluable.

Patients can pre-register for appointments by completing electronic forms. There are many advantages to having a tool that allows you to personalize documents to your practice’s specific requirements:

  • It shortens the wait time for guests checking in.
  • Errors caused by illegible handwriting being transcribed are avoided.
  • Your employees will appreciate not having to enter the data themselves manually.
  • By centralizing the information, it can be used in a variety of processes, from billing to following up.

At the outset, a customer service representative may need to walk patients through the forms to show them how to fill them out. Make the procedure simple for everyone by teaching receptionists how to deal with these inquiries.

2. Automating Treatment Follow-Ups

Among the many benefits of dental office automation, the way patients perceive it is one you should pay attention to. Reminding patients over the phone to return for their next treatment appointment is a great way to show that you care about their oral health.

However, having your personnel make these calls manually could be more efficient. If a patient doesn’t react, this is especially true. Through the use of automated follow-ups, you may tailor your messages to different populations of patients. These notifications are sent out automatically through encrypted SMS once programmed into your PMS.

Some message-response options are included in automation software packages, so your patients can react yes or no to these reminders. Your system will follow the patient’s instructions and either confirm, reject, or reschedule the appointment once the request has been sent. This frees workers’ time to concentrate on other, more vital responsibilities, such as interacting with customers at the front desk, which automation cannot replace.

When patients are sent follow-up care instructions via text message after an operation, it’s easy to see why they’d be more likely to agree to the treatment plan overall. Because these instructions come from their dentist, someone they respect and trust, this degree of personal attention will also have a tremendous effect. These additions will help you retain patients even more.

In addition, patients can access this data whenever it is most convenient for them during their recovery, unlike paper aftercare instructions which are frequently lost, forgotten, or destroyed.

3. Workforce Management

It is now more important than ever to properly manage and keep track of personnel schedules. There will be a rise in the number of workers who need flexible schedules. Businesses have also been hit hard by the widespread COVID-19 infection. You’d welcome any development that would make running your business easier.

A piece of software designed specifically for this purpose is workforce management software. It streamlines the processes of scheduling, monitoring, and directing the efforts of your staff. Inputs from employees’ calendars will be used to determine their availability. The software manages time off, vacations, working hours, and labor needs. The software automatically adapts schedules to accommodate any last-minute adjustments.

Payroll and human resources are only two examples of other processes that might streamline integration. With more time on your hands, you can focus on doing what’s most important: caring for patients and expanding your practice. You, your staff, and your patients will all benefit from this.

4. Educating Your Patients Through Automation

Educating your consumers can be automated in several ways, from patient portals to your office phone. For many dental teams, most of the day is filled with fielding patient inquiries. But how can you meet this demand when your time is already limited? Automation!

Your patients will be more receptive to your treatment plans if you equip them with the information they need through a comprehensive online knowledge base accessible through the patient portal. Another option is to have reminders delivered to their phone or inbox after they’ve finished an appointment. A patient who calls with a question can be directed to a prerecorded message using automation software. This system can answer questions on aftercare, good brushing techniques, and other such topics.

You may also automatically provide your patients with the following helpful resources for their dental health:

  • Highlights-style educational content can be shared in the waiting room, consulting rooms, and monitors throughout the office.
  • Write a dental-related blog or make a dental-related video and share it online (video blog).
  • Always keep your patients in the know by sending them relevant educational links via email, social media, and the patient portal.

Work With Us!

In conclusion, you and your dental practice can benefit from automation, and so do your customers and staff. Put an end to inefficient paper-based processes and storage solutions. The days of forgetting important emails, memos, alarms, and deadlines are over. Everything you need to manage and run your company efficiently and effectively will be accessible from a single, safe location: your dashboard. Get rid of the tough jobs and let algorithm-based automation do them. It’s simple to implement and will profoundly affect the efficiency of your business operations. 

When a practice adopts automation, costs go down, output goes up, and workers may be put to better use. Ultimately, it improves productivity and lets you zero in on what matters. Our dental practice digital experts are here to answer your questions, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with Growth99 today.

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