Top Three Reasons Why Having a Fast Website for Your Medical Spa is Key to Booking More Clients.

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It can be a real challenge for medical spa owners to find the perfect balance between caring for patients and overseeing business operations. Especially today, patient experience can either make or break your business. The competition is increasing, and with so many providers the patients can find in a few clicks, their purchasing decisions can be widely affected, even with the slightest flaw.

In this digital world, choosing a medical spa to visit is as simple as swiping one way or the other. Research shows that 86% of patients are willing to pay more for a better experience. It only tells us more clearly that elevating customer experience in every way will directly impact your bottom line. One of the major determining factors that affect user experience is your medical spa’s website.

As the saying goes, “first impression lasts,” when a visitor clicks on your website for the first time and starts to discover about you and your business, it is essential that you “wow” them right there and then! But how can you do that? By having a fast website with little to no loading time. This post explains the top three reasons why a fast website is instrumental in booking more clients for your medical spa.

1. Better search engine ranking

Google’s page experience includes safe browsing, mobile-friendliness, Core Web Vitals, and others to measure every visitor’s overall experience. Page experience is a search engine factor affecting your website’s ranking. Furthermore, performance plays a critical part in impacting the page experience metric. And your website’s bounce rate is also something you need to look at since it is another aspect that gets improved by speeding up your website. It is critical for your search engine ranking that every visitor doesn’t leave your website without performing any actions.

A fast website typically rises on top of search queries on Google, paving the way for potential patients to find your webpage. Research revealed that 36% of UK and 44% of US consumers turn to search engines to research specific products. This statement alone proves the significance of ranking higher in search engines, especially Google. To make it short: the higher your search engine ranking is because of your fast website speed, the more clients will discover about you and positively impact your business.

2. Increase website conversions

Your website reaches the first milestone once prospective patients have clicked on it. Yet, it doesn’t stop there: the next step is to get them to stay and act while they are there. A website conversion may fall into different ranges, such as booking a consultation, clicking on an ad, completing a contact form, or anything they can do to add value to your business.

Typically, consumers visit more pages on a website with a short load time. So, if the page loads quickly on your medical spa’s website, there is an increased chance of conversions. On the other hand, what happens when your website is slow? Simple: you lose sales! And you will keep losing more unless you make intentional changes to your website’s speed. A slow website is a massive turn-off for online searchers who leave the website anyway merely because it is slow despite finding your offered services suitable for their needs.

Website conversion is paramount for your business’s sustainability, and speeding up your website can make a huge difference. Your web host plays a vital role in delivering fast pages, and it is essential to switch to an optimized and managed web hosting that can provide high-performance.

3. Better usability for mobile traffic

Last but not least: optimizing your medical spa’s website for mobile use. Mobile traffic has increased to a staggering 222% over the previous seven years, and according to the latest data, more than 52% of users search on the internet on their mobile devices. Do you ever wonder why this number keeps increasing? Mobile networks are getting faster, and so are the number of smartphone users.

Our trust gets immediately challenged when we experience a slow loading speed as consumers. And especially in this mobile-dominated digital world we now live in, we expect to find pages that deliver us the information we need at the speed of a swipe. As a result, people nowadays rely more on their mobile devices for mundane tasks like reading, searching, viewing, and even online shopping.

However, there is still a need for a website’s speed to serve mobile traffic, particularly its loading times. Ideally, how fast should your medical spa’s website load on a mobile device? Google expects the webpage to load in under five seconds on 3G and faster on 4G networks. Speeding up your website for mobile use can directly impact your conversion as it does on the desktop version. Smartphones are the future, and if your website is left behind due to its slow loading times, your business is not well-equipped to get on the battlefield.

Your medspa’s website is in for a treat!

The typical consumer today is almost always used to convenience. Technology has reached far by giving people what they need right at their fingertips. When prospective patients search for the best treatments that could address their different concerns, you must catch their eyes on the search results. And once they click on your website, the work keeps going as you need to create an impression that will make them decide to book an appointment or visit you straight away.

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