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Two Straightforward Hacks To Drive More Leads To Your Medical Aesthetics Website

Here’s the thing: designing a website that keeps driving more leads is easier said than done. Today, many medical aesthetics practices have not fully discovered how to successfully create a website that can win sales left and right. Instead of perceiving a website as a mere placeholder, there is more to it since it can be an excellent marketing venue.

Furthermore, the problem with the former approach is that it prevents a website from driving more leads. The real challenge is setting your brand apart from the mediocre crowd. Admittedly, professional web design is a competition, and for you to get ahead of your competitors, you need an adaptive mindset to the latest design trends and mainstream digital strategies.

Thus, creating an effective website for your medical aesthetics practice needs careful contemplation, mainly to attract leads and eventually skyrocket your web conversions and drive more sales to your business. To accomplish this, employing design practices that prioritize user experience and elevate your authority in the industry is paramount. Here are two simple hacks that you can do to drive more leads to your medical aesthetics website:

1.  Make it simple

We often hear “make it simple” as a form of cliché in almost everything we do. Yet, many designers, usability experts, and developers neglect to observe this truth in website development due to the onslaught of deadlines, demands, requests, and appeals. However, digital marketers can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that simple websites are better.

According to Google’s famous first impression study, a user judges the appearance of a website in 1/50th of a second. In such a short time, users typically rate visually complex websites as less attractive and compelling. A visually complex website contains various elements to encourage user interaction and cognitive attention. It may include banners, logos, ads, menus, social plugins, warning messages, and many more. Having these on your medical aesthetics website will not be wise to attract leads to your practice.

On the other hand, simplicity can define your website more, and the services you offer can be more highlighted. Having a simple yet catchy medical aesthetics website aids usability enhances the website’s beauty, and pleases the user. Here are a few tips you can do to maintain simplicity on your website:

  •         Eliminate unnecessary elements – the quickest way to achieve simplicity is to remove whatever is not needed. Ask yourself: Do I need a sidebar menu? Do people use this search box? Does my logo need to be in two different places? Get rid of everything you can and focus on the factors that matter most.
  •         Create white space – once you have removed the unnecessary elements on your website, it can show white space. Not many people realize this, but the absence of features is the design itself. White space allows the eyes to relax and the mind to be in a bit of solitude.
  •         Make your website just like the others, but simpler – there is the “familiarity principle,” which states that people are more inclined to familiar sights than unfamiliar ones. If your visitors are accustomed to seeing websites in a certain way, you can maintain that. Follow the conventional website design, but with a tinge of simplicity and uniqueness that lets you stand out.

2.  Optimize for mobile users

No matter how the digital world has thrived today, we can’t deny that not every single one of us owns a computer. But most of us have smartphones, don’t you agree? You need to attract your leads, even when they’re on the go. And how might you ensure this happens? By optimizing your medical aesthetics website for mobile users!

As technology evolves, the digital world’s future lies with the people being more engaged using mobile devices than computers for online activities such as online searches and social media. Google confirmed this speculation back in 2015, and it continues to be the current trend today. Since you aim to provide a great user experience to attract more leads to your medical aesthetics website, it is best to embrace adaptive and responsive web design because most users are now used to smaller screens.

While a mobile-friendly site reformats itself and helps ensure it functions well on smartphones or tablets, mobile optimization is a step further. Keep in mind that there is a difference between adaptive and responsive designs. An adaptive site design has multiple layouts configured for a specific type of device. On the other hand, a responsive website uses a single design that adjusts the screen by resizing and repositioning content.

Therefore, optimizing your medical aesthetics website for mobile users contributes a lot to ensuring your website and all it entails are adequately displayed on smaller screens. On top of that, it makes your website much easier to navigate. Mobile optimization reformats content, optimizes images according to screen size, and displays larger navigation buttons.

Drive more leads to your Medical Aesthetics website!

The current marketing trend in the medical spa business requires a solid online presence to catch a particular audience’s attention. For people from all corners to discover your practice, you need a compelling website to attract leads, keep your clients returning for more of your services, and win more sales! All you need to start with is a simple website that summarizes how excellent you are at what you do and enables users to easily navigate through your website regardless of what device they are using.

Do you need help setting up a medical aesthetics website that can drive more leads to your practice? Growth99 and its team of digital marketing experts can certainly help you out! Contact them today and discover the depth of liberty you can indulge yourself with as the team assists you in building a website that reflects your brand and expertise significantly. Partner with Growth99 and see for yourself what’s in store for you and your practice!

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