Visualize Yourself Where You Will Be From All Your Action Goals and Impact Your Activities

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Visualization is the practice of envisioning one’s goals and everything else one wants to achieve in the future. Much to our surprise, the act of visualizing does not only involve our minds but all five senses of our body. Psychologists have long been studying visualization to understand how it works. It directs our subconscious to be aware of the end goal we have fixed our eyes on. Moreover, visualization trains our brains to respond as if our desired outcome were true in the present moment.

This practice has given professional athletes, CEOs, and other high achievers some superpowers, ushering them to achieve their dream lives by accomplishing one task at a time with complete confidence and hyper-focus. In fact, all of us have this incredible power, yet not all of us have been taught how to use it effectively. In this monthly newsletter, let’s discover the realm of visualization and why it can make a massive difference to your future.

How does visualizing impact our lives?

If we look around, we will realize in a split second that we live in a world of digital overload. News, entertainment, and remote work are only one click away. These are significant advantages to modern people, but they are like a double-edged sword. Due to the convenience brought by technology, it’s now easier than ever to be distracted. Hence, you might want to find time to step back and focus on what truly matters. This is where visualization gets in the picture and takes the spotlight.

Visualization is built on the foundation of the principle that thought precedes action. In other words, it allows us to set the parameters to turn a mere vision into reality. As you creatively visualize what you wish to achieve in the future, you direct your brain to concentrate on the specific areas of your life that matter to you most. And thus, you engage in the process of selective attention. Whatever you focus on and take deliberate steps toward is more likely to become a reality.

Did you know? Visualizing an action or skill in advance is almost as influential as physically carrying out that action.

The key to improved performance

Brain studies show that our thoughts command the exact mental instructions as actions. It means how we mentally exercise something in our minds in the form of visualization impacts the cognitive processes in the brain, such as motor control, planning, attention perception, and memory. Therefore, visualization bears the same weight and value as the physical act of doing a task.

Through visualizing your goals, you can learn new skills while rewiring your brain without the need to perform physical actions in the real world initially. Working through scenarios in your mind can help reprogram your brain and develop new habits and behavioral patterns that will make venturing into the real world less intimidating and anxiety-driven. Plus, you might find yourself calmer and more at ease when the moment arrives for you to act on what you initially visualized.

Our thoughts exude in our actions.

One can never deny our minds’ power in our entire being. What goes through our minds can fully impact our lives and our future, whether we like it or not. The good news is that, no matter how powerful the human mind is, we can always take the wheel and drive it. That’s right; you’re still the boss! So gear it into becoming a powerful instrument to mold your future through your action goals, and let it impact your life; positively, of course!

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