What is Lead Management? How and Why to Manage Leads for your Medical Spa Practice?

Generating leads for your medical spa practice is vital, but what’s next? And how do you best get quality leads to convert into paying clients? Unfortunately, many medical spa practices struggle with lead intake and lead management. If we look at it closely, we might wonder: what’s the big deal with lead management, and how should one properly handle it?

Effective lead management contributes to making the most of your marketing dollars. It can also help you stay on track with paying off any digital and device investments. Most importantly, is your med spa lead generation strategy adequately positioned to take advantage of this age’s digital growth? If not, now is the time to get you on board!

What is lead management?

Before we jump into deeper waters, let’s first identify what lead management is. Lead management is the process of attaining leads (potential clients) and ushering them to the point of making a purchase. It is defined as the process, methodology, and software used to reach prospective clients and lead them to conversion using targeted sales and marketing strategies. Lead management is critical for companies aiming to expand their client base and reach a wider audience.

Lead management is more involved than traditional or standard advertising as it is most applicable to promoting a business in the digital realm through developing individual relationships with customers. Although, it should not be confused with the act of lead nurturing since it is a specific aspect of lead management that occurs towards the end of the process.

Why managing your leads is essential.

There are various reasons why generating and managing qualified leads is essential for your medical spa practice’s success. Here are the top reasons why:

1.    More potential customers

The first reason (and the most obvious one) is to attract more potential customers. Lead management helps businesses nurture targeted prospects that are likely to convert into paying clients. This is because leads are people who are already interested in what your business offers. They are, therefore, more likely to sign up for any of your provided aesthetic services.

2.    Establishes credibility

It helps you build credibility. How? When generating leads, you also start building trust within your targeted audience. In return, you become more trustworthy and credible. And we all know how credibility is considered one of the most powerful tools in every marketing campaign.

3.    Brand awareness

Lead management also helps generate brand awareness. Increased visibility enables you to gain recognition from your target customers. And once you capture their attention, you can leverage your reputation to ensure they choose you over your competitors.

4.    Increase conversions

Finally, it can help your medical spa practice increase conversions. When you have generated enough leads, you may shift your focus to converting them into paying clients. You may also spice things up by offering them special offers and discounts to increase your chances of converting them faster.

How do I perform effective lead management for my Medical Spa practice?

A successful and efficient lead management process includes the following steps:

Step 1: Lead capturing.

While executing lead generation activities, various means are available to reach potential buyers like website, email, social media, and paid ads. A good lead management software ensures that every prospect is automatically recorded into the CRM system from web forms, chat, and emails, preventing leads from falling through the cracks.

Step 2: Lead enrichment and tracking

Whether it is sales or marketing operations, your teams shouldn’t be wasting valuable time hunting for information on each lead, otherwise known as manual data entry. A lead management software automatically populates a lead’s profile with public information available such as their job title, timezone, location, social media profiles, etc. It can track a lead’s activities on your website as links clicked, pages visited, resources downloaded, and email engagement. These insights are valuable because they allow salespeople to personalize their sales efforts.

Step 3: Lead qualification

You may use a model that ranks your contacts based on their interest in your services, demographic, purchasing journey, and engagement with your brand to qualify your leads effectively. The predictive scoring model helps you prioritize the people you interact with by analyzing historical data and providing a score to every contact based on different factors.

Step 4: Lead distribution

The sooner you contact leads to your medical spa practice, the more likely you are to win them over. A sound lead management system automatically assigns to salespersons across territories, gives phone numbers, and transfers calls to sales teams. This way, you or your sales team can prioritize assigned leads instead of searching for new leads in the CRM system manually.

Step 5: Lead nurturing.

Not all generated leads are sales-ready, as many of them may still be in the research or awareness phase, contemplating whether your practice is worth giving a shot. Lead nurturing seeks to demonstrate the value of your practice. You can send nurture campaigns to these leads who aren’t ready to make a purchase yet using lead management software. Quality content and promotional offers to demonstrate value to your audience will help them decide.

Get the proper lead management in place for your medical spa!

There are many ways to generate and manage your medical spa practice leads. Your choice should depend on your budget and resources. Once you have analyzed what works best for your business, see that you implement it consistently. Your digital marketing efforts for lead management will only work best when you follow a well-defined strategy.

If you’re unsure about how to go about it, Growth99 has got you! With our digital marketing experts, we’re happy to share our knowledge and leverage it to let your medical spa practice reach a wider audience. Book a free consultation today and explore the endless possibilities for your practice. Partner with us today!

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