What They Won’t Tell You About Facebook Ads


So you decided to jump into doing Facebook ads. Most likely, you will just pay for the ads and go back to doing your own business. The million-dollar question here is:


What will happen after all the ads you paid for are gone?


In deciding to paid ads, it is essential to know the basics of how it works. Not just knowing how much will you spend in getting those up. What those who are in the business of selling ads won’t tell you is that there are factors you can quickly learn for you to come up with a defined Facebook ad goal before passing it over to an ad manager for execution.

Here is some necessary information you should know before plunging head-on with Facebook Ads:

1) Choose your campaign
This is where you decide the goal of your Facebook ad. Is it to generate leads? Is it to sell? Is it to control budgets? Or is it for auction?

2) Choose your target audience
You might have thought that creating an ad would work for all who can see it. Wrong. There is no one-size-fits-all kind of ad. The more generic your ad is, the least likely it would generate leads that convert to sales. You can base your target audience based on the following:

  • Custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Behaviour targetting
  • Interest targetting
  • Demographics targetting

3) Decide what ads you want to create.
Based on the factors above, you can now create the ad you want your audience to see. Your approach will be based on your goals and your audience. Facebook also has a set standard when it comes to the dimension of the ads you will be placing.

4) Track users interacting with your ads
To close the loop, you have to know if what you posted did pull leads towards your business. This also helps in profiling the users who visited your page or clicked on your ads for you to craft a better ad moving forward. Facebook Pixel is a useful tool to use in getting the figures you need.

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