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Five Reasons Why Building Your Google My Business Page is Important for Online Search for Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

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Every day, billions of people use Google to acquire a wide variety of information – whether they’re looking for the nearest coffee shop, fashion trends, home repair tips, celebrity news, etc. This search engine has easily kept its spot as the ultimate go-to and the most popular search engine globally. Google receives about 5.6 billion searches in one day, a large percentage of it being with local intent. This means many searches are done by individuals looking for specific places within their vicinity.

For your medical aesthetics practice, one tool, in particular, can help you become more visible to online searchers and get you in front of prospective patients. This tool is known as Google My Business (GMB), a free online-based service that helps promote local businesses on the internet. Google My Business enables business owners to manage how their companies appear across Google once visitors locate them and let their business stand out.

Another benefit that GMB offers is that it plays a vital role in local SEO. Especially when you’re aiming to hit the top spot on Google and people can see you first when they do a quick search for local medical spas, you’ll realize soon that Google My Business is your new best friend. Let’s look at the five reasons why building and optimizing your Google My Business page is essential for your medical spa’s success.

1. Google My Business is highly visible.

The primary reason why having a Google My Business page is of utmost importance for your medical aesthetics practice is that it enables users to find the information they need in one glance. There’s a thing called “Google Local Pack,” which consists of the first results that show every time a local search is done. You want to be part of the Google Local Pack, and one way to get it done is to have an optimized GMB page.

Google My Business also includes much other significant information that any potential client might need to know, such as where your business is located on the map, your contact number, hours of operation, your medical spa’s star rating, etc. GMB is a convenient feature for businesses and users alike.

2. GMB allows people to leave reviews about your business.

One must never underestimate the influence of online reviews, especially if we’re talking about search rankings. If you want your medical spa to prominently appear in the search results, using Google My Business can help expedite this process, and it’s also easier for your patients to leave feedback about your business that your prospects can see as they contemplate visiting you. Many people rely on reviews before making any purchase decision. Studies show that online reviews might highly influence 93% of users.

These short blocks of text are testimonies of actual customers who weren’t paid to promote a business. Thus, visitors can sense their credibility, and many believe what they say. If you properly utilize this feature at Google My Business, it can considerably impact your business.

3. It shows you are legit!

Like having a sophisticated website, or a crisp business card, having a well-optimized Google My Business listing informs your customers that you and your business are legit and not some scrub. Nothing will lose you a prospective patient more quickly than a medical spa that doesn’t list hours, phone numbers, or business addresses on its listing.

Contrary to what some business owners might think, being mysterious when it comes to your Google My Business page is, in fact, not cool. Marketing is all about the path of least resistance. Don’t make your prospective patients take too much of their valuable time only to find a simple piece of information.

4. GMB provides insights to users

Google My Business is a value driver for your Google rankings. It promotes your medical spa’s services while it also helps you understand the market. Google, as always, constantly proves that it runs the show. How? GMB comes with robust features that provide insights on critical areas to assist you in establishing strategies and in making decisions. This cutting-edge tool enables you to access wisdom and statistics to decipher where your audience is coming from.

5. It’s user-friendly for both businesses and customers.

No matter the quality of your medical spa’s offered services, their potential won’t be maximized if they’re not adequately marketed and are challenging to search for online. Fortunately, that’s not the case when you implement GMB on your digital marketing strategy. This tool is efficient and free to use, and thus, creating and verifying your GMB profile can be done in a matter of hours, and you don’t even have to break a sweat.

In fact, there are tools you can use to get you instantly verified. Once you’re all set, you’re ready to rock the top page of Google! Also, Google’s tools help you analyze performance to help you find ways to increase your business’s ranking. With GMB, your medical spa’s online visibility increases, and your chances of showing up in search results dramatically improve. It can help a potential patient quickly find and contact you to ask questions or book an appointment. Google My Business is a tool that you can freely use to improve your online presence, connect with your clientele, and win more sales!

Set up your Google My Business profile now!

Promoting your medical spa online should be at the top of your checklist, especially when most people are now online. With an optimized Google My Business listing, you are helping your potential patients find their way to your practice while ultimately increasing your business’ revenue.

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