Why Google My Business Optimization is Key to Your Success in Creating an Online Presence for Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

Tula, Russia – September 07, 2021: Google My Business logo on iPhone display.

Today, every business needs to be seen on Google specifically. Many companies already know that this means they need to make their website and Google Ads more appealing, but they don’t know that they also need to make their Google My Business(GMB) page more attractive. The official name for this powerful listing is your “Business Profile.” It’s a dynamic snapshot of your business that shows off your best features and makes it easy for people to find, learn about, and interact with you right from the search engine results page. The best thing? It doesn’t cost anything.

Why is GMB Optimization key to your success in creating an online presence for your medical aesthetics practice?

Improve Engagement

More and more, people are going to and leaving Google without going to any other websites. Why? Because they don’t have to click on any links in the search results pages to get the answers they need, these searches are called “zero-click searches.” More people may interact with your businesses through your Google My Business Profile than your website. You’ll want that profile to be well-optimized for high-quality engagement and conversions.

Your Local Ranking Will Go Up

Google’s algorithm for ranking business profiles considers more than just proximity and relevance. It also takes into account activity and the quality of the information. When you improve your Google My Business Profile, it sends these signals to Google, making you more likely to show up in local search results. As you know, having a higher rank means more people will see and interact with your business, which means more money for you.

Increase Customer Conversions

A standard Google Business Profile on its own does not provide much in customer acquisition. They can locate your business and read your reviews if they know to search for your business name in the first place (see our list of innovative business names!). However, with an optimized business profile on Google My Business, consumers may find you through keyword searches, contact you, visit your website, research your products and services, view/contribute to FAQs, obtain a price, book an appointment, or make a reservation, and more. Additionally, you can use UTMs and Google Analytics to measure clicks to your website, appointment, or menu link.

 As with any Google SEO strategy, your Google My Business strategy should focus on providing as much high-quality information about your business as possible, not just in your business profile but also in the sources Google uses to populate it—your website, review site profiles, and even your social media accounts. We will never know every ranking element in detail, but we do know their ultimate goal: to connect searchers with the finest businesses for their needs via detailed, trusted information. Therefore, focus on using your Google My Firm dashboard to ensure that your business profile accurately and comprehensively represents your business. Then, focus on maintaining it, and you will enjoy the rewards.

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