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5 Key Take-Aways Why Google Reviews Are Very Powerful For Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

Google is the # 1 website in the world. It takes up over 90% of all organic searches, but it’s also the go-to site when people are looking for information and reviews on a specific product or service.

Google is the #1 website in the world. It takes up over 90% of all organic searches, but it’s also the go-to site when people are looking for information and reviews on a specific product or service.

As such, Google Reviews have become very important. I highly recommend encouraging your patients to share their experiences at your practice. Many patients will do so if you simply ask them to!

If you’re still not convinced about how important Google Reviews are for your business, let me show you why:

Google Reviews Are Featured in Local Pack Searches

Google reviews are featured in local pack searches.

When patients search for something like “medical aesthetics” or “nose job,” they will likely get search results with a map and three listed businesses. These are called local pack searches, and they pop up more often than not when a patient is looking for a local business.

You can see that Google displays the reviews of each business right there on the page, which gives patients an idea of what they might experience if they visit you.

Your review score also shows up in the search results themselves, so having more positive Google reviews means your business will get noticed first when someone searches relevant to your practice.

Squeeze More Search Juice Out of Customer Testimonials

Reviews are a form of content. They turn into links when you ask for them, and your happy clients link to their reviews on Google, Angie’s List, or Yelp. There are easy ways to get testimonials from your current patients that you can use for SEO purposes. Ask them to write reviews online, then publish them on your site. You have more valuable content that both people and search engines will love!

Google Reviews Give You Social Proof

In the context of marketing, social proof is the idea that people will follow the actions of others if they believe those actions reflect correct behavior for a given situation.

  • Social Proof is a powerful tool that can help your business!*

So think about this. What do you think when you’re in an empty restaurant, and someone walks through the front door? That it’s probably not a good place to eat…right? People are more likely to purchase if they see others are also buying. The idea here is that other people’s behavior reflects what we should or should not do as well. There are several types of social proof, but today I want to focus on Google Reviews because it can be one of your most potent forms of social proof for your practice.

Genuine Testimonials Produce Better Leads

A testimonial is simply a recommendation from a past customer or client, which provides social proof that your company can help others. While this might be the purest definition, it’s also important to note that testimonials are far more than simple recommendations.

When used correctly, they can increase trust and power sales efficiently. Furthermore, these short reviews are potent forms of social proof because they provide an honest view of your services and products. It explains to people why your offering is valuable and why they should care about it.

To create an effective testimonial strategy, you need to know the keys to getting great results: what makes them effective and how to use them correctly in the first place. Then you can put them on display where customers will see them most often on your website!

While we could write pages about testimonials (and we have), here are a few of the top takeaways for getting started with using this type of content in your marketing:

Build Trust and a Good Reputation

When someone is looking for a business like yours, they will often research the services and products offered. The last thing you want is to be marked off their list because you don’t have enough reviews or any at all. Yelp reviews help build your reputation and show that people are willing to spend money on your business. If you think about it, almost every time you go out to eat or stay the night somewhere, you check out their reviews first. You want to make sure that the place is worth your time and money before purchasing.

Google Reviews are essential for local businesses because they show up in search results when someone is looking for a business similar to yours. They also show up in Google Maps when someone searches for directions using their phone or tablet. Even if someone doesn’t go online to look up your business ahead of time, Google Reviews can still affect them by showing up on Maps when they’re searching for directions or nearby places on their phone during their visit with you.

The takeaway here is to utilize google reviews for your business.

Google is the most visited website in the world. They have an average of 3.5 billion searches per day. The main takeaway here is to utilize Google reviews for your business. As I previously mentioned, Google reviews are featured in local pack searches, which helps you get noticed online and appear at the top of a search result.

Using testimonials can help generate leads, close deals, and build trust with your potential buyers by having social proof on your site that other people buy from you and love what you’re offering. Testimonials work because they validate marketing messages and claims about products and services (your products/services). Testimonials used as a marketing tool are typically written in the first person, often by the customer him or herself. Still, they can be written by someone else on behalf of someone who cannot write it themselves (e.g., a parent might speak on behalf of their child, a customer).

Aligning yourself with reviews from respected publications like Business Insider, Women’s Health Magazine, or Forbes adds weight to your credibility and builds trust with visitors to your website because they know these companies review only quality products or services that meet specific criteria set forth. 

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