Kicking Off 2022 With Both Feet In – Why Having a CRM For Your Business Is Critical To Scale

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The COVID-disrupted years of 2020 and 2021 have quickly ended, and while many are hoping that our lives will be back to normal this 2022, we still have some way to go yet. Especially with the economic impacts that the pandemic brought, they will likely play their part over the next few years and in varying ways. Such changes will also have implications on the digital marketing side, with the lockdowns changing online behaviors and initiating new trends for digital connection.

So what can we expect to see from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the other social media platforms in 2022? As we can observe, the pandemic disruptions are fluctuating, yet predicting the following stages seems a little easier, especially with more steadfast pathways appearing from one side to another, even amid the chaos. Social media has become more helpful than ever for aesthetic practices, for the different platforms give a massive virtual space for aestheticians to reach a wider audience.

Furthermore, this allows marketers to engage and connect with potential customers on Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, or even on new platforms like TikTok. With a robust social media strategy in place and creating engaging and eye-catching content, marketers can better involve their audience. Hence, it will continue to be an essential strategy in 2022, and aesthetic practices can always discover new ways to advance their approach. Read up to find out more!

The importance of social media for your Aesthetic practice

The year 2021 cemented many changes in our professional lives. Virtual meetings such as Zoom became our default meeting place for businesses, and webinars were more normalized. Yet the most stirring change was how social media transformed into the ultimate go-to window to learn, discover new career opportunities, and grow your practice, among others.

While the digital world boomed, it highlighted the importance of social media marketing even more. Various aesthetic practices can widen their horizons and build a solid online presence to acquire more leads and win more customers. This led digital marketing professionals to refocus and bank more on their social media marketing strategy. After all, almost everyone nowadays is in social media; digital marketers can’t possibly overlook this massive opportunity.

Build brand awareness

Across different social media platforms, companies can tell their story, share their mission, tell people why they do what they do, and keep audiences updated with the latest offers and promotions. Aestheticians may leverage their skills and expertise to extend their brand reach further.

Also, if every team member has a personal network, each network can potentially have hundreds of contacts. That said, each of these contacts is linked to hundreds of other people. That is one of the primary advantages of being on social media because people who know people get intertwined in one way or another.

Establish social listening

Another critical factor for your practice to advance in the market is listening and acknowledging your patients’ opinions. Your expertise is given, yet if your clients are not happy with the procedure you performed in them, chances are, you might lose them along with the opportunity of winning referrals from these clients.

Make it a habit to listen to your customers and what each person says about your company. By posting comments on social media, you may interact with your clients personally and establish a relationship with them. That gives you a chance to receive candid feedback about how they view your brand generally. It opens a window into working on the weaker areas of your business while maintaining and fortifying the aspects that effectively resonate with people.

Brand authenticity

Utilizing social media and engaging the audience gives brands the solid opportunity to build trust with their leads, potential customers, partners, and employees. You can highlight your aesthetic practice’s strengths and share them with the world by socializing.

Promoting your brand along with the treatments you offer to other people has never been more straightforward and convenient with social media. You can choose to encourage your patients to give you reviews so their peers may discover your skills and what you offer. Studies show that most people are likely to trust the advice or recommendations from their family and friends rather than official brand social media pages or channels.

Drive leadership

It is an excellent way to learn about various people’s differences, problems, and preferences. In turn, being on social media allows your practice to solve the issues and drive thought leadership. This is where you can show other people how you are a leader and encourage more credibility on your end.

Creating how-to guides, sharing your knowledge through webinars, and publishing valuable content to educate people would put you in a leadership position and subsequently maximize your practice’s potential. In response, people gain confidence in your brand and trust your practice as their source for guidance.

Ramp up your social media with Growth99!

With proper strategic planning and healthy customer engagement, you can build an active community for your practice on social media. You can encourage both your employees and customers to give your page immediate Likes and share your content to their circle so that your practice reaches new audiences. And what might you need to further this endeavor? Through robust social media management!

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