Why Instagram Is a Tool, Not a Toy and How to Leverage It To Grow Your Business

When most people use Instagram to expose their daily life, smart business owners know and understand the importance of this tool to influence their sales and persuade people to choose their services among other available competitors. The innovation that Instagram brings to the success of a business comes from more than just posting random advertisements and convincing people to trust the quality of the product or service that you provide. It is a product of thoroughly planned out strategies and brilliant gameplay.

Instagram is Not a Toy for Millenials and Gen Z Generation

As much as it is true that most population of the users of this application are from the generation of Millennials and Gen Z, and that this application is fundamentally restructured as a photo and video-sharing app for convenience and entertainment purposes, there is so much more to Instagram than just sharing content for entrepreneurs and even more so for small business owners. This powerful platform is a strong and effective means for making the most of your marketing tactics especially during these times when everyone depends on the internet world to supplement the compromised social interactions in the real world.

It Helps to Increase Profit in Business

Photos and videos are both powerful media that brings out an idea to life and convinces people to believe in that idea. And Instagram somehow has managed to combine the two and come out with the most popular way to express oneself creatively with pictures and videos.
Could you imagine how your advertisement would look like without the use of pictures? You may have also need to write a long persuasive essay as well to convince customers. Instagram has various ways to help a brand to get the attention of their targeted customers. Here’s how to use Instagram for your business’ advantage:

How to Leverage Instagram to Grow Your Business

Set Your Goals

Before following the strategies of growing your business in the Instagram platform, it is crucial to have a plan as well before taking the risks. This will set your focus on the right path and will help you build a coherent road map in your marketing plan. Things you need to ask yourself when planning and setting your objectives are:

  • Who are my current customers?

  • Who is my new targeted audience?

  • How can I engage with people interested in my brand?

  • How much should I post regularly?

  • What are the current trends in the virtual world?

 Asking these questions is essential to come up with the following:

  • Maintain a good relationship with my current customers

  • Ways to reach out and broaden my audiences

  • Stay relevant and on top of the competition

  • Creative and powerful contents

Present an Evident Profile/Brand

To become an effective advertising tool for your small company, you need a good number of followers on Instagram to share your content.

Make sure you have high-quality content in the form of videos and photos to get more people to listen to your brand. This could mean showing actual customers using your product and comparing the before and after use.

Creating an account and implementing the strategy isn’t just enough to grow your Instagram business. You would not be able to do it too far without optimizing your account. How are you going to do this, you ask?

Optimizing your profile will take works but is doable. First, update your bio. Instagram enables users to add only 150 characters to briefly discuss who you are and what you do. But this is enough to make your profile interesting enough for a visitor to scroll down. Hashtags can be inserted as well as emojis can be used in your bio. Next, update your profile picture. It is essential to use a picture that will best showcase your business. You can use your business logo, if possible. Lastly, make sure that you provide information such as a complete business profile with name, username, and website.

Share Authentic and Appealing Content

Instagram is all about the aesthetic of visual media such as images and videos. Decide what your posts are going to highlight. The material would be evident in some instances: clothing will display its clothing and images of their food can be shown by a restaurant. Try to show customer stories when you provide services or go backstage to highlight the life of your organization or expose the staff behind the great service to the people who support your business. All you need is a great photo or video like it was taken by a pro.

Take Care of Your Audience and Customer

Having customers mean that you cater to their specific needs. Providing them great service and discounts on every bundle they purchase will not guarantee that they will stay longer and will not look for other businesses in the same industry as yours. Remember that this is social marketing, that’s it. The social factor can’t be neglected. That means responding and engaging in comments on your authentic posts and mentions of your brand on Instagram so that users will be more interested to connect with your brand. Spend some time to authentically react when someone commented and mentioned you on Instagram.


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