Why Technology is Going to Scale With Your Medical Spa Going Forward

Technology has become a fundamental part of our society, and this innovation is not slowing down but increasing every day as we embrace this way of life. That technology innovation has a two-fold design that will allow your practice to be at the top of the game as long as the correct basis and team develop the strategy.

Technology and growth go hand-in-hand in building your practice and what you offer. While you are keeping up with the changing times, innovation is progressing and growing non-stop. The medical spa industry constantly improves the treatment and the equipment to provide better results and a more significant comfort level.

Radio Frequency Microneedling

Before innovation took hold, Microneedling was a painful, infection-inducing, and ineffective tool to reduce the signs of aging. Still, as we know, technology took its place with this treatment, and the technique changed. Radio Frequency Microneedling has so many more features that allow for effective treatment with excellent appearance results to enable your practice to move forward.

RF Microneedling technology penetrates the skin at a deeper level and creates a benefit for the patient with more significant results to the aging process. This technique is safer because standard microneedling has the potential for cross-contamination. With RF Microneedling, this is prevented because the needles are fully connected to the head of the machine for optimal sanitary treatment, which reduces the risk of infection.

This treatment is more effective on acne scars. Acne scars are small, tough, and create thicknesses to the skin that standard micro-needling has a difficult time penetrating. RF Microneedling does not just break up tissue but focuses energy on those spots of skin, giving a vital result that the patient is looking to obtain from this procedure.

Non-laser microneedling limits what results can be obtained but with RF technology, that is no longer the case. With RF micro-needling, this can either be a favorable treatment or a deep tissue procedure that will give the face and skin a dramatic desirable look and feel. This treatment can change the passes that it makes or change the intensity that was not possible with standard microneedling. This feature allows for various options and appearance goals, so the patient has a vast result classification.

Radio Frequency Body Contouring

Cellulite is a condition that affects many people but has always been a condition that was hard to treat without the use of surgical means. Cellulite is a feature that is not life-threatening but creates a substantial amount of embarrassment for the affected person. The skin takes on a lumpy and dimpling look to skin, generally on the hips, thighs, stomach, and buttocks. Technological advances have made treatment options to improve this condition. RF body contouring with Velashape is one of those treatment options available to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Velashape is a body contouring device that has FDA approval for the reduction of fat and cellulite. This treatment uses energy to heat and target the fat tissue in the treatment area the patients want to reduce. The vacuum design and the tissue manipulation give the appearance of a tighter figure with only four applications. Velashape is safe and effective while adhering to all skin tones and skin types for the best results.

This procedure has been developed and continues to improve through innovation. Previously, the only options were surgery or reduction techniques of diet and exercise, with the effect still being present. This procedure will allow your practice to treat a common condition, with millions of individuals diagnosed with the disorder every year.


Cool sculpting is a procedure that is a form of cryolipolysis that freezes the fat cells in the body, giving the appearance of a toner body. This practice is expanding through improved performance and design through research and technology, allowing for a broader treatment area for results that will complement the whole body. This procedure was developed when researchers studied the effects that frostbite had on the body—fat shrink when sub-zero temperatures are targeted to the body for a specific amount of time.

Since fat can be frozen at a higher temperature than your skin, this is a safe and productive treatment to enhance the elements of your body. This procedure uses two paddles that cool quickly, and they remain there for anywhere from 35 minutes to one hour and 15 minutes which destroys approximately 25% of the fat. Your system then gets rid of these dead fat cells so that the results will show as soon as two weeks, but this innovation has grown. Cool Sculpting Elite now can target nine areas, and the treatment area has doubled to allow for two times the area to be treated in the same amount of time. That’s not all, though, and new technology can not target your muscle with Cool Tone and allow those muscles to have a toned look and define what you already have.


The appearance of the body is a feature that many strive to improve, and while this is a cosmetic and medical avenue, it is beneficial to the patient and how they see themselves.  Medical advances are happening all the time, and that is happening in the medspa industry constantly. Innovation is the goal of our society, and we are not failing.

At Growth 99, our focus is guiding you in innovation for your practice and your marketing strategy, and web design. Having all of these components in line will give you growth with a solid reputation for keeping the latest technology that provides comfort and results. All these features will allow you to deliver a service that will put you above the rest.

Technology is never going to stop, and when you embrace those and offer your patients the latest features, you will create growth that will stay with you. Patients seek the spa atmosphere that offers innovation that keeps up with the time, so maybe the time is now to grow your practice and create that solid base.

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