3 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Social Media Manager for Your Practice

Social media has become a potent marketing tool that businesses need to utilize appropriately in this booming digital world. As your manager for your aesthetics practice, hiring a social media person has never been more essential. Aside from running your business, managing different social media accounts and ensuring they are permanently full of valuable content can sometimes be too time-consuming to handle alone. That’s where social media managers get in the picture and can be of assistance.

Marketing businesses online is more complicated and labor-intensive than most people realize. When likened to the personal use of social media, the way companies use it is more planned, disciplined, and it requires meaningful knowledge of the current trends and best practices. If you have your social media accounts, it seems safe to assume that you can supervise your business’ social media content on your own. Yet this may demonstrate a lack of in-depth understanding of what social media marketing is all about and what social media managers are for. This article will delve more into social media managers and why you should hire one to better manage your business’ practice.

What is a Social Media Manager?

A social media manager is a person in charge of monitoring, filtering, guiding, and contributing content to various social media accounts, typically those who hired them (companies, organizations, or individuals). Social media managers need to have a wide range of knowledge and skills to be successful at their job as they work to help with boosting a brand and giving way to more client engagement.

They take over all of the social media accounts of businesses or organizations as they do their tasks, mainly to reach a wider audience. Not only does having a social media manager lessen your workload and free up your time, but it also becomes a case where spending money leads to making more money in return. 

1. A social media savvy to implement strategy

Almost everybody is now on social media so that you would know a thing or two about it, that’s for sure. But the thing is, social media doesn’t stop only with posting pictures and using hashtags. It is a valuable marketing tool that can contribute to building effective strategies to grow your practice. Social media marketing is fundamental, and it should come across organically.

A social media manager can help their clients by introducing a well-laid social media marketing strategy. Instead of candidly posting random things on social media, this technique organizes important aspects and helps companies stay on track. One of a social media manager’s significant responsibilities is maintaining a company or individual’s reputation, as social media can make or break it.

Social media managers are aware that adequately managing a reputation is critical to business growth. They establish credibility for businesses by devising different social media tactics into their strategies. By implementing procedures on social media regularly, social media managers can effectively govern companies’ reputations.

2. When you already have so much on your plate

Running a business is a full-time endeavor, and it requires much of your attention. Regardless of the size of your business, you would always find yourself in the middle of numerous tasks every day to keep your business up and to run. Distributing your time between these vital tasks while adding social media management to your plate may be asking too much of yourself.

When social media marketing is done correctly, it’s essentially a full-time job. Furthermore, visual content performs better than text, so you need ample time to create and format visuals to go with each post. Every channel your business has a profile on usually gets an increased social media workload. For instance, Instagram’s and Twitter’s best practice includes posting up to three times per day. While on YouTube, posting one video every week does the trick. This is an intense schedule, especially on top of managing your business and performing your practice. Hiring a social media manager to achieve these significant tasks to grow your practice comes in handy.

3. It would be best if you had someone to keep the engagement on your pages.

As it is with every business venture, results are what matter most. You may be social media savvy, knowledgeable on using the right tools, write outstandingly, adept at various platforms, and have enough time on your hands to become your own social media person. But if your pages on social media do not reach the proper levels of engagement, that means you have a long way to go to achieve success in social media marketing.

Engagement levels become dangerously low if they go below 10%. You would know that at this point, despite your best efforts, something is missing. Instead of struggling to cope and stressing over it, this may be the best time to hand the responsibilities over to a social media manager. Using proven strategies with their skills can boost engagement levels and bring beneficial results to your practice.

Look no further.

Being in the medspa industry might require most of your time and effort in performing your practice, hardly leaving any more space to complete the marketing tasks your business needs. As more and more people rely on the internet to look for the things they need and search for more information, your practice needs a solid online presence on various platforms, particularly on social media, to ensure you embrace the maximum number of potential clients in your local area. And with that, you need not worry as we are here to accomplish such significant tasks for you!

Let Growth99 be your social media partner as we aim to boost your online reputation to its peak. We believe time management is of the essence, and as trends keep evolving and changes are consistent in the digital world, we’re here to back you up as you put your full attention, with fewer distractions, to your expertise alone. Book a free consultation and engage in a professional conversation with our digital marketing experts to explore the endless possibilities in growing your practice!

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