About Growth99

Driven by customer-centric innovation, we provide you with the critical factors you need to build and grow your business.

Who we are

Growth99 is the industry leader in innovative technology and digital marketing solutions that accelerate the growth of your business. With expertise in CRM, self-driving landing pages, and virtual consultations, your business becomes streamlined with one system and one team. Our team can design monthly social media assets that help extend brand awareness. Clients can efficiently connect with an AI chatbot, book appointments using an online booking platform, and receive the latest updates and specials with custom SMS campaign options, all with technology geared to scale your business and build your brand. Growth99 creates Lead Generation ads for Instagram, Facebook, and Google Ads to drive more business to your practice through strategic planning. Our agile solutions increase lead conversion to actual sales and encourage more Google reviews through call-to-action strategies, database utilization for organic growth, and reputation management. A highly-skilled team with expert-level knowledge in website development, SEO, and content creation, Growth99 specializes in proven solutions to help your business grow, maintain a high level of efficiency, and catapult your success.

Solutions For Your Business


Our Customer Success Consultants get to know each company we work with personally–what makes you tick, what your business needs and where you see your company in the future.


Each business we work with gains access to our proprietary software and is thoroughly trained in how to approach review sites as well as their role in managing their brand’s reputation.


We know what it takes to bring a business to the next level. Growing a business takes dedication, consistency and a positive online presence. Here at Growth99, we are pleased to offer you all three.

Our Manifesto

Customer Experience

From your first conversation with the Sales team, through the entire Onboarding process, and after your website launches, providing the best customer experience is at the forefront of everything we do. While providing a full digital experience and creating a customized roadmap for your measurable growth, our number one priority is to ensure that every interaction you have with our team and every improvement you see leaves you feeling heard, your brand understood, and your time valued. The experience you have with us extends beyond our verbal and written interactions. The website design, data-driven strategies, SEO, Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Google ranking, Paid Media, Growth99+ tools, and content creation are all curated as an extension of your brand and voice to transform your business into a powerhouse. We strive to implement every detail that makes your brand unique and to evolve with your company by providing innovative solutions with efficiency and accuracy, giving you the superior customer experience your business deserves.

Support Team

The support team is responsible for absolutely everything related to the client website from SEO to any changes that need to be made to the website. The support team works relentlessly to bridge the gap between the clients and their requirements. All the tickets raised and addressed to the support team are efficiently handled within 24-48 hours by our hardworking and dedicated team. The support team is also responsible for the hassle-free functioning of the Growth99+ application as well. Our support team is here to offer their help 24/7 to our valued clients. Each client query is given due personalized attention and answered promptly by our support team.
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Customer Experience Team

Our Customer Experience Team is ready to engage with our clients after they have availed of our services and their website is live. At the client’s request, the team may also assist them prior to the site going live, whenever is needed. Our Customer Experience Team ensures that the clients are happy with the services offered by Growth99 and are able to achieve their own goals with the help of these services. The efforts taken by our team to focus on analytical reporting of the success rate of our services and their benefits to our clients are commendable. Our team members engage in one-on-one sessions to come up with out-of-the-box solutions and marketing strategies to increase leads and offer more services for our existing and potential clients.
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SEO Team

SEO core team looks after all the pre release SEO work for onboarding projects. All the monthly blogs for all the projects (onboarding+released) are taken care by SEO core team. SEO Success team is an advanced and deep process of the SEO for our clients; we perform all the advanced on-page and off-page optimizations of the particular website in the depth of the problems, SEO success team is the next chapter of SEO Core, it is like SEO core is the foundation and SEO Success deals with all the further process of optimizations and fixings our day to day work consists of Generating all types of SEO reports.
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Onboarding Team

The onboarding Team is involved in the of Project Life Cycle. The team plays a vital role in the development of any project from all the stages from start till the end of the project. Here, managers act as a bridge between designers and the client, by delivering required changes in mockups to a satisfactory level through designers. Also, this team plays a crucial role to add quality to deliverable products. Onboarding Team has always been a heart of the Growth99, to make the Happy Customers!
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Onboarding Process

The Onboarding process is the initial stage for Growth99 to begin implementing data-driven strategies to scale your business. Throughout the Onboarding experience, the most qualified and experienced team in the industry will ensure that your expectations are surpassed, and a project that brings value is delivered. Outside of your website creation, we also provide innovative services like Paid Media and SEO to allow greater visibility for your business. With Social Media asset creation and Growth99+, your business will consistently evolve at a high level and reach your target audience.

Beginning with the pre-onboarding checklist, the journey begins. We will kick off the project with your team members or staff and our highly-skilled team of individuals to highlight the project’s life cycle, content creation, social media implementation, paid media output, and client success considerations. A designated project manager will be in direct communication with you throughout your project to provide updates and insights into the progression of your project.

A highly qualified powerhouse team will carry your website through the implementation process, working diligently to provide you with a result complimentary of your brand. Upon final approval, Growth99 will release your website, but the benefits we offer do not stop when the life of your website starts. With our SEO strategies, Paid Media, Social Media assets, and Growth99+ services, our team will continue to assist you in continuously evolving with the ever-changing med spa landscape.
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Infrastructure Team

A strong infrastructure is the skeleton of any organization. True to their name, the team works relentlessly to maintain a robust online infrastructure for all our clients. They offer support to host the Growth99+ application page and ensure its smooth functioning. Lead management and looking after the maintenance of the paid media landing pages are also some of the responsibilities of the Infrastructure team.

Among the other responsibilities of the team are tasks like hosting backups for client websites, maintaining virtual consultation pages, and ensuring maximum uptime for client websites. They actively participate in troubleshooting for all client queries and ensure that the problems do not recur. Our team offers support, resolves problems, and looks into every aspect of IT services related to customers. They minimize the downtime for client websites through constant monitoring and server maintenance. All client websites have a 365-day backup, thanks to the innovative ideas of our infrastructure team. They test and implement the strictest security updates for all new components of client websites.
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Quality Assurance Team

A business that does not compromise quality knows how to keep its clients happy. The QA team at Growth99 swears by this motto and it reflects in their work. Our Quality Assurance team is a mix of vibrant minds, out-of-the-box thinkers, and solution experts who strive to make our services and products the best in the industry. Working relentlessly with a keen sense of observation at all times is not an easy task, but our QA team members do it with utmost perfection. The QA team works in a coordinated manner and leaves no stone unturned in analyzing and resolving high-risk test scenarios – an attitude that is crucial to our growth. Ensuring the best quality and efficacy of the solutions that Growth99 offers is something to be proud of, and our QA team accomplishes this daily.
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Product Team

The Growth99+ Product Team is laser-focused on building the next generation of software that integrates with devices like Alexa, Siri, Apple Watch, etc. As technology continues to evolve and artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, the Growth99+ Product team strives to stay ahead of the curve to develop software that works seamlessly with other technological platforms.
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Paid Media Team

Paid media is one of the most powerful tools for lead generation and increasing business. Our paid media team works efficiently to drive traffic to the client website through means like Google ads and Facebook ads. The team looks after every step of lead management for the client right from the very initial stages up to successful lead conversion. Management of automated follow-up systems, SMS notifications, and email notifications, and some other responsibilities that our paid media team sees through.
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Social Media Team

The Social Media Team focuses on creating engaging social media strategies for each client. We handle asset creation for all social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Google My Business, while adapting content to suit different channels and needs. By creating individualized strategies, custom content, and branded graphics unique to each client’s aesthetic and practice, our social media team is knowledgeable in the best practices on how to increase brand awareness and online presence. On-demand graphic creation to promote, advertise, and push viewers to your website and increase lead conversion is also available to our clients.
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Research Lab

With continued advancements in technology, the G99 Research lab works continuously on building Machine Learning Modules for our clients. The Research Lab team develops a roadmap to increase revenue for our clients along with optimizing the back office work using Artificial Intelligence (AI). By strategically researching and testing ways to make processes more seamless for our clients, Growth99 will continue to offer the most advanced solutions to help businesses scale.
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Accountability Team

Behind every successful organization is a bunch of people keeping a track of the smallest of the activities that can impact the functioning of that organization. Our accountability team works meticulously gathering work reports, feedback and making a data bank of any form of assistance that the client may require. They ensure transparency in the working style between various departments and teams within the company which is always beneficial in the long run.
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