5 Drawbacks to bad Google Reviews for Your Medspa

Getting bad Google reviews about your business and your products or services will immediately discourage consumers from going your way. That is the hard truth that every business owner needs to keep in mind. Most consumers do almost everything online, and they use the internet to shop and conduct related research before making a purchase.

More so, they tend to compare products, prices, and brands online. Studies show that 9 out of 10 consumers use Google and Bing to research the products and services they contemplate availing. And when researching, it is pretty standard for customers to encounter online reviews, both positive and negative ones, on brands and products.

Online reviews commonly influence the purchasing decisions of consumers. Five-star ratings and good testimonials are indeed beneficial for your business because they elevate your reputation, improve your business’ ranking on search engines, increase sales, and boost profitability. In comparison, negative or destructive Google reviews have many damaging effects on business on small and large scales. Let’s take a look at five disadvantages of bad Google reviews and how they can affect your business as a whole.

1. Loss of earnings

Let’s first take this time to emphasize the topmost important factor for any business, in general: income. Suppose the revenue or profit of your med spa business is coming in slow. In that case, it could be pretty challenging to keep up, especially with paying your employees and bills, let alone your taxes and overhead expenses.

According to recent research, bad reviews on Google, Yelp, and Facebook significantly affect a business’s revenue. Companies that garnered a 1-1.5 star rating report 33% less in revenue than the rest. One report also shows that 94% of consumers steer clear of a company with bad reviews.

2. Discourage potential clients to take up any sales offers

Negative reviews have a way to succeed in chasing away customers and make them choose your competitors over you. Research shows that one negative review disheartens 22% of prospects, which is roughly around 30 customers.

The percentage of lost customers arises as the negative reviews continue to increase. If your med spa acquires more than four negative reviews, the rate goes up to 70% of lost customers.

3. Stain business reputation

Negative reviews can damage the reputation that took you years to establish for your medspa. Unfortunately, they make potential patients trust your business less. Most consumers do not purchase from a store with questionable credibility and a bad reputation. Also, numerous bad Google reviews are hard to fix, making it difficult to earn back the customers’ trust.

4. Low ranking on search engines

As the digital world dominates the business world, your med spa needs to rank well in search engines to get more leads. And eventually, to turn those leads into paying and regular customers who keep returning to your med spa for the treatments you offer. Reviews and ratings impact the way your business ranks on search engines. Bad ratings situate your business to rank poorly because search engines typically recommend the best establishments to every user.

5. Affect the profitability of a Med Spa

How well a business earns profits keeps it going and even expands the company over time. Negative Google reviews decrease your med spa’s profitability by lowering your revenue and driving away customers. Also, the cost of rectifying a damaged reputation takes a toll on your business’ profitability.

The importance of negative reviews

Has it ever crossed your mind that deleting bad Google reviews would ultimately solve these problems and let you save time and money? Well, you might want to think about that again. The presence of a rare negative review can add credibility to all of the reviews posted on your website.

If all you have are perfect and flawless reviews, a prospective client may think you hired promoters to give fake reviews to boost your brand. We don’t want that. And another thing, if a bad review seems unreasonable or exaggerated, potential customers will also likely disregard your services and move on to the next one they see online. So, it is a matter of integrity and properly managing negative reviews when you get any.

How do you suggest we handle bad Google reviews?

It is crucial to let your customers feel that their opinions matter to you, and you are willing to fix whatever inconvenience they have experienced while doing business with you. Here are a few points to remember in handling complaints or negative reviews.

  •         Respond to bad reviews promptly; do not wait.
  •         Apologize, acknowledge, and let the customers vent out to you.
  •         Offer to solve the issue.
  •         Let your patients feel that you prioritize their needs and satisfaction.
  •         Promote an open communication line to your customers and encourage them to contact your office for any issues.

Keep your customers happy.

In the med spa business, where it centers on beauty enhancement, unmet expectations do happen. Regardless of your efforts and intentions to set realistic expectations, some patients may expect a dramatic enhancement after just one session or treatment. As challenging as it may seem, this reality may result in bad Google reviews.

Negative reviews may serve as our reminder that we need to focus on servicing our customers to the best of our ability and beyond. They also remind us how much work we need to put in to succeed in every field. For any business in a medspa, our sincerity in making our customers happy as we act on it should almost always let us win positive reviews.

However, there might be times when we do receive negative reviews despite our efforts. How well we manage these reviews and solving the issue to warrant more positive reviews in the future are always what we must consider. Growth99 has every intention of satisfying every client’s need in helping you grow your Med Spa. Book for a free consultation and let your business’ fullest potential dominate the market!

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