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On the 25th of November, Growth99 had a Delhi meet and greet with team members from various departments gathered at the Seasonal Tastes at The Westin Gurgaon. It was the perfect setting for this get together, with its elegant ambiance and warm hospitality.

As the clock struck seven, the room transformed into a vibrant hub of conversations, laughter, and shared experiences. Team members from the SEO team, onboarding, support, and other departments mingled effortlessly, catching up on their latest projects and personal endeavors. The air crackled with energy as colleagues reconnected and forged new bonds.

Amidst the lively chatter, a delectable dinner spread emerged, tempting taste buds with its array of culinary delights. From succulent appetizers to mouthwatering main courses, the feast satisfied every palate.

The team members, many of whom had traveled from various parts of Delhi NCR, relished the opportunity to connect outside of their usual work settings. To capture the essence of the evening, impromptu photo sessions erupted, with colleagues striking poses and capturing their memorable moments together. 

As the clock neared 10:30 PM, the time to disperse arrived. This event not only strengthened the bonds between colleagues but also instilled a renewed sense of motivation and enthusiasm among the team members.

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