5 Ways To Increase Patient Retention For Your Medical Spa

Do you want loyal customers and not just — customers? If you know the difference between the two, you may wonder how to retain your patients. Customers visiting your spa will never turn zero, but the question is: Will they return? 

Studies indicate that a boost in profits is possible by focusing on the retention rates of your business, depending on the industry. Even at the low end, focusing on patient retention pays dividends, given that acquiring a new patient might cost up to double times more than retaining an existing one. 

If you’re stuck with a strategy, consider implementing one of these business suggestions to keep your existing medical aesthetics and MedSpa clientele. Together with us here at Growth99, learn how you can manage patient retention for your medical spa. 

What is Patient Retention?

Keeping the patients visiting your office loyal is what patient retention entails in the healthcare industry. While your objective is to heal people, not to keep them returning for repeated treatments, most specialties see patients with chronic conditions. These conditions require a series of treatments.

Retention of patients is the proportion of your total patients who return for several appointments. Even though this can be difficult to assess in certain circumstances, it is a vital indicator for determining the success of your practice.

Why is Patient Retention so Important?

The advantages of patient retention are straightforward. Similar to a legal firm, it is easier and less expensive to get repeat clients than new ones. Additionally, having devoted patients enhances your reputation. Word-of-mouth referrals are important to the increase of patients in you practice, but so are firm marketing strategies. 

Strategies To Increase Patient Retention

People are more likely to return to you in the future when they have a need if they have a positive experience with you, even if you bring bad news.  

While specific issues, such as a lack of transportation or financial resources, are outside your control, most factors influencing patient retention are within your control. Here’s what you can do.

1. Check Your Interactions

Check to determine if there are ways to improve patient communication for those who do not book their next visit in-clinic. Busy patients are unlikely to contact you back. So make it easier for them to book appointments online or provide an online chat option if your staff is overloaded with calls. 

The truth is that Internet platforms offer a simple approach for a small team to communicate with patients. Obviously, phone calls are inevitable and far more frequent when patients find the time to call between meetings and work. 

Ensure that your clinic has at least one staff person available to answer phones and reply to messages during this period. Making it easy for patients to reach someone at your clinic at the initial contact demonstrates that you value their time and business, increasing the likelihood that they will return.

2. Feedback is Important

If patients are dissatisfied with their visit, there is a good possibility they may seek care elsewhere. Sending Google Review requests after each visit is a terrific method to obtain insightful feedback that can help you enhance your reputation. 

Utilize the replies to determine your strengths and areas for improvement. Giving individuals a voice empowers them. As one of the most effective patient retention tactics, this is a simple approach to open the lines of communication and address any difficulties that could otherwise force patients to seek care elsewhere.

3. Enhance Patient Experience

While treatment outcomes are crucial to patients, the environment surrounding each session can significantly influence their overall impression of your clinic and the likelihood of future visits. 

Clinical education is essential, but you should also invest in the physical appearance of your clinic and the communication and customer service abilities of your personnel. The layouts of your clinic’s outside, waiting for area, and treatment rooms are significant. 

Ensure that your business looks warm, inviting, and pleasant. Staff should appear genuinely kind and involved in the outcomes of their patients and be willing to go the extra mile to get the answers if they are not immediately available. 

Lastly, provide retail product expertise to the personnel to assist them in better-informing patients. These additional efforts give a favorable impression, increasing their likelihood of returning.

4. Don’t Forget To Educate

Engage patients out of the office by implementing a sophisticated marketing campaign. Start a blog where you may educate your patient based on relevant issues while exhibiting your expertise.

Establish a social media presence and regularly create information to connect with patients. Regular communication will keep your practice in their minds. It may even remind them to schedule preventative screenings that they might forget.

Never cease taking new patients, but also recognize the significance of maintaining your current patient base. If your current customer retention percentages are low, there is no time to turn things around like the present.

5. Look Over Your Timing 

Wait times are impactful. Because their ability to manage time demonstrates respect for their patients’ hectic schedules, clinics that can adhere to their schedule or even allow patients into treatment rooms ahead of their planned appointments are more likely to have a reasonable retention rate. 

Five minutes may be sufficient to discourage a frustrated patient from returning. Examining your schedule more closely is all it takes to demonstrate regard for your client’s time. 

While you may set 30-minute intervals for a particular treatment, add a 15-minute buffer to account for any late arrivals. These patients may have more questions or the need to extend a therapy session. This additional time guarantees that the patient does not feel rushed.


Customer retention is challenging, especially if you don’t have the proper techniques. Knowing what to value and how to create strategies upon your weaknesses can help you raise the competitive bar. 

Follow these suggestions and see how you can improve your business in the coming days. Or, if you need expert help, Growth99 is here. Contact and partner with us to understand effective strategies for your business. We’re always one call away!

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