7 Reasons Why Your Dermatology Website Is Not Ranking

You have an excellent Dermatology practice, and you love the content of your website. However, it is not making much of a difference for your practice. What could be wrong that you don’t get enough customers even having an aesthetic website?

A website is a must for the cosmetic industry to be visible and accessible for the potential customers of your practice. However, building a website is not simple as throwing the rod on the ocean and waiting for fish to bite the bait. You have to be strategic and aggressive to attract an audience and customers and rank your website.

If you think that your Dermatology website should get more traffic than what you are actually getting now, there might be something off with your process.

Here are the 7 most common reasons your Dermatology website is not ranking:

1. You are ranking for the wrong keyword

Google algorithms mainly rely on the data from millions of websites to identify the best result in a query. Your site may not be effectively ranking because the keyword you are trying to rank is irrelevant.

Keywords are such an essential factor in building traffic for your website. If a buyer is looking for a specific product, the most relevant pages on the data that they input will show on the result. For instance, a customer type treatment for acne scars on the search engine bar, one way that google algorithm weighs the most relevant results is based on the matching keywords from the search engine to the target keywords of different websites around the internet.

2. Lack of contents

Google is talented in picking the most reliable website for internet users. When trying to rank on the top page result, you should know that Google increases the ranking of those websites with established and significant content. So you must invest a lot of time writing informative and helpful content for your target audience.

You can create valuable content by adding pages to your website. Adding separate pages for each of your services is a good start in building content for your website. You can add important information on the services, such as the procedure and result. A blog is also effective in building online expertise. There are several ways a blog can help your website to land on the first-page result of the search engine.

3. Inconsistent posting

Even if you target the right keyword, and you spend 6 hours writing the best blog ever, there is still a chance that Google will promote your website for a higher rank. Inconsistent posting of content on your website will not get the attention of Google.

Picture this; a writer is most likely to get published if the reader already knows her. If she has a habit of releasing a book every month (just an example), the reader buys her book every month. A book from an unknown writer will be less pick because she had only released one book. Consider Google as the reader and your website as the writer.

You see, Google recognizes active websites that have a regular activity in uploading content. One blog per month is something, but what we recommend is to post three blogs every week. More content from your website is a better chance for you to rank.

4. You do not optimize older posts.

Nothing is permanent, they say. Once you rank your post on the first page, it is not the end of it. Ranking your website is a constant battle against other websites.

The information about cosmetic service content that you wrote two years ago may be relevant and accurate back then. However, after two years, something may have changed, and additional knowledge could be available which interests your readers more.

5. You have ineffective on-page optimization.

On-page SEO or optimization is a practice that utilizes the keywords strategically on the website. Targeting an effective keyword and optimizing it on the website go hand in hand. Missing one of them will make your ranking attempt ineffective.

For on-page optimization, we advise medical spas and dermatology practices to follow the basic guidelines in On-page Optimization:

  • Know the standing of your website and pages
  • Conduct SEO audit
  • Update your URLs, page titles, and meta descriptions
  • Incorporate the keywords in all necessary places, such as your title, meta description, etc.
  • Add internal links and reliable external links.

6. You have an unorganized navigation site.

There is an activity called “bounce rate,” which Google finds annoying. This happens when a user clicks on a page and then bounces back to the search engine result page. Having numerous bounce rates on your page can affect its rank as Google may consider your page irrelevant for the search result and keyword.

Bounce rate is common to pages with unorganized navigation sites. Plan the structure of your page ahead of time. It does not have to be complex to look professional. In fact, a simple and friendly-user navigational site is preferred by many internet users.

7. Your website is not working on mobiles.

Mobile phones dominate the technology. It is a single device used mainly by people all around the world. The ability of mobile to connect users to the internet has largely affected people’s activity on the internet and the hours they spent on it in a single day.

There is a huge chance that customers are searching for a medical aesthetic using their phones. Doing everything right on your website but missing its integration to mobile devices will pull down your ranking chance since most people use their phones instead of computers.

Last advice:

Every medspa wants to rank their website on the first page of the search result. Avoid these common mistakes in ranking, and you will get a higher chance for the first-page result. Hiring a team of professionals in dermatology and medspa marketing will secure your website’s place on the top results.

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