7 Ways to Market Injectable Treatments

Injectable cosmetic treatments have become lucrative and popular, regardless of the stigma that previously followed this procedure. Household names such as Botox have transitioned into a practice that consumers no longer attempt to keep hidden. Botox is not the only treatment available for injectable treatments, and they have progressed substantially with FDA approval and evidence-based practices to ensure the safety of these products. These procedures are no longer just for the aging but patients looking for preventative measures that open the demographic range for marketing these injectable treatments.

Offer Loyal Patients An Exclusive

Your current patients are a vital part of your practice; therefore, starting with them is the most effective by offering an exclusive injectable treatment. Since they already frequent your practice, the chances of trying an injectable treatment that aligns with their appearance increases. This strategy will also have a double benefit because they can network the treatment through visual marketing by the consumer. Use this as an arena for the patient to give feedback and ensure to do a follow-up.

Use A Special Introductory Offer

Making your injectable treatments available to boost knowledge and what you offer can effectively be done through a special introductory offer. This strategy can motivate your existing patient’s interest in trying it plus adding it to your website. You may choose to offer just a discount to a first-time injectable treatment or offer a bundle of other services to optimal results. Offering a coupon with a purchase or offering a loyalty program for double points for utilizing the service is adequate. Putting a service out there that offers special pricing is often enough to generate interest. Once the treatment occurs, then the conversation about maintenance can occur to allow for a recurring patient.

Making Use Of Google My Business

Possessing a Google My Business can substantially increase your community integration and create occasional offers to boost your patients and practice. This strategy is available through the Google My Business account to generate a post an offer or create a “What’s New” post. Keep in mind that these “What’s New” postings expire after seven days, so if you intend to run it longer, you will need to repost every seven days. Posting an offer in this format, a date range is available to allow for a longer timeframe. You can also add a FAQ on your injectable service in the Q&A section to boost your traffic and information.

Run A Social Media Contest

Social media is a powerful tool, and running a contest for one winner will create a following that will attract more than just that one winner. This concept can even incorporate increasing your traffic by this contest promoting involvement in new followers. People, in general, will join a game to receive free treatment, but while you are running the game and adding new followers, you can educate them in the process. Make sure to add the announcement to all your digital formats to increase interest while boosting your traffic. This contest is an item that participants can monitor from their cellphones, allowing for increasing involvement.

Start An Email Campaign

When your practice is digital, email becomes a contact tool that businesses can utilize. Design your email to include information on the benefits and other treatments to add for the best results. Mixing this email campaign with other offerings such as a social media contest or an exclusive offer can lead to interest.  Focus on the benefits of the treatment, and overall value put the exclusive offer in the subject line. Utilize headers to highlight and draw visual attention to your email. The majority of emails possess a link with the patient’s cellphone, so delivery generally happens immediately.

Write A Blog And Share

The art of blogging is essential to promoting and boosting your practice because this can add your injectables positively and educationally. A  blog can possess many elements and will range in length that you can determine. Your blog can include all the features, benefits, and details, but you can share this through all avenues of your digital following from your website, social media, and email. Blogs effectively get news to your readers with expert knowledge to guide the entire campaign.

Run Facebook Ads

Facebook has a billion daily users that your injectable treatments could be reaching. Facebook can reach a large base of patients that are already searching for the injectable market. Facebook ads target all search results that allow your search history to generate advertisements that target demographics and services. Facebook has become a viable source for businesses and consumers to reach their target audience and develop a new patient base for growth. Facebook algorithms continue to create and grow, so the internet and its site are a consumer marketplace and a social platform. When you achieve engagement in comments and likes, you know you are reaching your audience.


When you market your injectable treatments, a lucrative and income generation will pay off, but you will need to spend it to make money. Marketing your injectable treatment regardless of the strategy you choose will put them in the spotlight and let your patients and potential patients know precisely what you are offering. Each design can target a specific audience, and an approach that fits your practice needs but boosting your audience is the most powerful marketing approach you can achieve. When you offer a contest or a lower introductory price, you will be successful in generating an increase in profits.

At Growth99 digital market are our focus and expertise with proven design and integration to promote growth and solid practice. Creating your content and website how you envision it is our number one priority enabling you to guide us through the design and direction you want your brand and practice to take. Marketing is essential in all areas of the injectable treatment that surrounds your medical spa. After all, isn’t Botox the most recognizable name that covers the Aesthetic market? Your injectable treatments can become what you want them to be with the right strategies and design that surround them.

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