8 Digital Marketing Pitfalls to Avoid

Digital marketing is a powerful mode to gather audiences, build a list of potential customers, and create actual sales. It is very effective and inviting for the customers when promoting your brand.

Although it can double the sales, digital marketing is not a piece of easy work. It takes many detailed and planned strategies that include SEO (Search Engine Optimization), Keyword Searching, Content Marketing, and Paid Advertising.

As business owners, you probably already know all of the necessary steps to create a strong online presence. So, to help you along the process, here are the reminders on the common mistakes that you should avoid:

Unappealing Website Design:

Most interaction and activity of customers to your business will develop within your business website. Do not neglect the importance of the experience of your potential customers in browsing your official website. It is not enough to make the website visually appealing. You also have to make sure that they get a user-friendly tour.

How To Avoid This Pitfall:

To make your website more appealing to the customer, make the navigational structure simple and easy. Ensure that the website works on different devices, so whether the customer uses a computer screen or mobile, the elements such as images and text will work properly.

Targeting the Wrong Audience:

The purpose of advertising is to make an attractive presentation of the brand that people can see. Do not overdo marketing and spend time, resources, and investment on people who have zero interest in buying your product.  Wisely choose the audience to present your brand.

How to Avoid This Pitfall:

Understand your product well and assess the types and characteristics of the people who will most likely buy what you sell. Researching your target audience will give you a clear target of where to point your promotion. Ask yourself these helpful questions:

  • What is the primary purpose and benefit of my product?

  • What age group is most likely to use them?

  • Is the product for females, males, or both?

  • What is the ideal location for potential buyers?

  • What common interest could my potential buyers have in the same?

Setting Unattainable Goals:

Deciding what the objective of the marketing is will give you a direction on the whole process. Do you want buyers to be aware of your brand, or do you want them to make a purchase? The process and strategies you will do along the marketing will follow the goals you have set from the start. But deciding the goals should be based on logical events and possibilities such as the average of audiences who will turn into actual sales from the cumulative number of visitors to your website and other platforms.

How to Avoid This Pitfall:

Research is important, especially before you start a project. Set your goals according to the present studies available related to your product, own, and other business’ experience with the same product.

Poor Search Engine Optimization

SEO is how your customers will find you on the internet. With so much competition and products on the internet, you have to make your digital marketing stand out and easy to find anywhere on the internet.

How to Avoid This Pitfall:

Research how SEO works. If you already know how to increase your website traffic, utilize them and improve the elements on your campaign so people will easily find you when they are looking for a similar type of product that you sell.

If you do not know how SEO works, or you are too busy running your business, hire people to do it for you. Some companies specialize in online development as well as SEO. A company such as Growth99 is an excellent resource to help you find keywords, increase traffic, create SEO content, and develop your website.

Neglecting Customer’s Emails and Messages

If the customer puts time and effort into sending a message to your business, it is probably an important message. Customer’s emails could be a comment about your product or service, a review, complaint, or suggestion. No matter what it is, it could have helpful contents to make improvements.

How to Avoid This Pitfall:

Always check your email and manage it properly. Organizing important emails from the rest or creating a filter on the incoming emails will help you decide what emails should be prioritized. Have someone check and organize your email regularly.

Not Utilizing Social Media

There is a lot of opportunity and potentials in integrating social media into your business. Since social media platforms are at their prime, take it to your benefit and introduce your brand to a broader audience. Most digital advertisements are published on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram because they have the most users.

How to Avoid This Pitfall:

Create a page and official business account on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. Regularly create a post or promotion and interact with your audience in the comment section. Audiences love interactive posts, so be creative and avoid monotone on your posts.

Lack of Attention with Blogging

Blogging is a great way to introduce your brand and build trust in your customer. Through your blogs, the customers will have an idea about your expertise on your product. Utilize the keywords on your content and increase the traffic on your website by linking inbound pages.

How to Avoid This Pitfall:

Have a target and regular schedule of posting a new blog. Having a list of possible future topics or pre-writing the blogs and scheduling its publication will help you not cramming to reach the schedule. If you have become so busy writing them on your own, hire someone to write them for you. You can also look for a website development partner such as Growth99.

Poor Investments in Resources

Many businesses get overwhelmed with all the possibilities and available resources on the internet that could help you. Although most of these resources offer services according to your needs, putting your investments on purchasing tools and services may actually not result in ROI  but loss instead.

How to Avoid This Pitfall:

Choose only the services and software that you will need. A business that offers multiple benefits to your online campaign will be a good investment.

Growth99 is always here for our clients to help them boost their Digital Marketing.

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