8 Reasons Google Reviews Increase Conversions For Your Medical Spa

We always know that good reviews have a good impact on the medical spa industry. But we only have limited in-depth discussion about its actual benefits in marketing the business. So, to understand better what google reviews do to medspa digital marketing, let’s tackle each of the reasons why google reviews can increase the conversion rate for medical spas. 

1. Good Google Review Can Build Trust

Google review creates an opportunity for medspa to have an authentic platform to show their reliability in providing aesthetic services to future customers. Since real people write their own experiences with their visit with medical spa for their services, it becomes more reliable and trustful for the audience’s perception. It eventually makes medical spas reputable in their line of business. 

2. Testimonials Help with Medspa Digital Marketing

Testimonials from authentic medspa customers have a powerful impact on the brand’s digital marketing. Based on local studies, 83% of customers check the review sections before purchasing online. Other data from other sources have almost the same statistics in regards to audience activity with google reviews. These result only suggests that google review for medspa marketing is a must and not just an option for successful digital marketing. 

3. Audience searches for your Medspa and reviews

There is a high possibility that the audience and potential customers are already familiar with your medical spa practice. They might check your brand by searching online and use the keyword “<name of your brand> reviews.” This is part of the customer’s research and testing stage in finding a reliable medical spa. During this stage, you want to have a website page for reviews to present to interested individuals and help them realize that your brand is the right choice in getting their service. 

4. Helps with Local SEO 

The Google algorithm is so complex that no one can develop a perfect strategy to make them permanent on the top searches result. The total number and frequency of reviews on a website contribute to driving traffic to a business website. Google algorithm tends to recognize websites with regular review activities than those with minimal to no reviews. 

5. Escalate Click-through Rates

If your medspa website has a great google review, it will reflect as a good indication for audiences that your brand is an excellent option to do business. Good google review will increase online presence and conversion rate better than the keywords and contents can do to your medspa business. They influence the audience’s decision whether to come to your medical spa practice for their service or not. Bad reviews will result in a bad reputation for the practice. Naturally, customers will go for medspa with more ratings and good reviews from its former clients. 

6. Google Review Dominates Search Engine Result Page

Technically speaking, google reviews are more visible to the google algorithm and contribute mainly to driving traffic. More and more customers are checking businesses through local listings from the google search engine result. Local listings automatically show the rating of a business when you click on it. Just after the rating, you can find the reviews. If you click on the website reviews at the top of the local listing, it usually has a high volume of reviews while the websites after it have lesser. Of course, many reviews will not give a definite spot on top searches because of other factors present in digital marketing. But it gives a high potential for medspa business to rank first on SERP.

7. Google Review and Feedback Serves as Customer Survey Response

Some may think that customer survey responses could be biased when the form is directly from the medical spa. However, no one will suspect that a review from the google review is false. Some medical spas are hesitant to integrate google reviews with their website because of the possibility of getting bad reviews. However, bad reviews are not entirely bad if you are also serious about giving high-quality service to your customers. Google review and feedback can serve as an honest evaluation of your medical spa’s treatment and customer service.

8. Gives Edge in Competition of Medspa Digital Marketing

Medspa digital marketing is one industry with the highest competition. Medical spas are popping out all over the country, that you can find multiple medical spas online in a single state or city. Google review for your medical spa gives your practice an edge to this competitive business as the customers are more likely to choose your medical spa based on the good reviews of your customers rather than those medical spa websites without reviews. 

Google Reviews for Your Medspa Digital Marketing

Bad or good reviews will help your medical spa improve services, spread brand awareness, and increase conversion rate. If you have your medical spa practice, you should consider working with your google reviews to leverage marketing. 

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