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Aesthetic MarketingMedical AestheticMedical Aesthetics SEO Why Digital Marketing + CRM Go Hand in Hand

Why Digital Marketing + CRM Go Hand in Hand

While we dive deeper into the internet age, digital marketing has steadily become the forefront of most marketing endeavors. As businesses witness the ever-fierce competition, they understand the need to delve into digital marketing, grow a solid clientele base, and establish efficient lead funnels; yet it doesn’t end there. Digital marketing tactics, no matter how…

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CheckboxesGrowth99Medical SpaSEO Checkboxes

Five Checkboxes to Make Sure You Have Successfully Built Your Medical Aesthetics Website to Convert New Patients

Today, most aesthetic patients will begin searching for what they need online. Whether your medical spa grows extensively through referrals, people tend to search for your website before giving your office a call or setting up an appointment. It is important to note that a poor website presence could be an ultimate deal-breaker. That’s not…

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Google My Business OptimizationGrowth99SEO Google My Business

Why Google My Business Optimization is So Powerful for Your Med Spa.

Medical aesthetics marketing has become more challenging significantly when more and more aesthetic users have risen to the surface, and the demand for aesthetic treatments has continued growing. And because the medical aesthetics industry has a high potential in the market, more medical spas are popping up everywhere. It is up to you to choose…

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Growth99Medical SpaSEOVirtual Consultations Virtual Consultations

Three Reasons Why Virtual Consultations Are Here to Stay for Your Medical Aesthetics Practice.

Virtual consultations in medical aesthetics have become more typical now than ever. While virtual consultations already existed long before the pandemic hit, they have swiftly become a preferred method for the first point of contact between providers and patients. With today’s social distancing protocols, many people stay at home, work, and connect with other people…

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BookingsGrowth99Medical SpaSEO Sending Mass Emails to Clients Will Get your Medical Spa More Bookings.

Three Reasons Why Sending Mass Emails and Text Messages to Your Leads or Current Clients Will Get your Medical Spa More Bookings.

While some medical spa owners speculate whether social media is the sole effective marketing method today, that’s not the case. People still depend on email for various confirmations of the most critical transactions such as shopping, banking, job opportunities, and especially medical and personal communications. Similarly, email and text communication are essential for your medical…

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Growth99Online BookingSEO 2 Proven Tips Why Online Booking Is Essential To Your Plastic Surgery Clinic Success

2 Proven Tips Why Online Booking Is Essential To Your Plastic Surgery Clinic Success

Stuck with so many patients at your clinics? If one of your primary concerns is clinic organization, you’re in big trouble. Knowing who’s the most and least priority can be a hassle with many patients visiting your clinic. So why not avail of an online booking service? An online booking system can save time by collecting, scheduling, and entering bookings into…

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Google My BusinessGrowth99Medical SpaSEO Why Building Your Google My Business Page is Important Five Reasons

Five Reasons Why Building Your Google My Business Page is Important for Online Search for Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

Every day, billions of people use Google to acquire a wide variety of information – whether they’re looking for the nearest coffee shop, fashion trends, home repair tips, celebrity news, etc. This search engine has easily kept its spot as the ultimate go-to and the most popular search engine globally. Google receives about 5.6 billion…

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