Important Tips on How to Get More Google Reviews

Are you wanting to get more Google reviews, but are having a hard time? Google reviews are really important because that is how a lot of consumers will base on if they will give you business or not. Many consumers now trust online reviews just as much as personal recommendations, as well as read those online reviews before visiting a business. If you are struggling to get those google reviews, we are here to help. Here we will provide important strategies to use to get more google reviews.

First, when a customer visits, and you are done with their service, kindly ask them directly for a Google review. Asking for reviews directly is an easy and effective strategy that will benefit you, especially if you have provided great customer service! Next, follow up with an email or a text soon after their visit. If you partner with the right digital marketing company, they will provide you with the right tools that will help you automatically send out a text or an email to your clients. In your email or text to the customer, make sure to be personal, thank them for choosing you, tell them that you appreciate their feedback, etc.

Adding a review link on your website can also benefit you when it comes to leaving reviews. A custom google link is a URL you can create where your clients can leave a review. This will help you get more reviews because it is easy to access on the client’s side. Along with that, installing the correct review and reputation tool will help you generate along with filtering your reviews. Review generation tools will make the review process more effective. You will be able to access your positive as well as your negative reviews before it hits Google. If you have negative reviews, it would benefit your business to handle those reviews in a positive way and then post them. Even though you may have a few negative reviews, the positives will outweigh them, and it will show that your business is organic and normal.

Another great strategy is to follow up with your clients post-appointment if they haven’t left a review. Just because they may not have left a review doesn’t mean that they won’t ever leave one. Some people get caught up in life and tend to forget, which is completely normal. That is why sending them a reminder can actually benefit your business. Next, once you receive the review, make sure you take the time to respond to them, either positive or negative. That will show the potential and existing clients that you are very hands-on and care about the client.

Lastly, just provide great customer service overall. If you provide great customer service, and it catches the eye of the client, they will be sure to leave you a review. Whether you are having a bad day, or the client isn’t being the friendliest, always be sure to have a positive attitude and it will benefit your business greatly. If you are wanting more help with google reviews and reputation management, click HERE to talk with one of Growth99’s representatives and we will be sure to help you with your digital marketing needs.

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