MedSpa Marketing 101 With Local SEO

Medical spas are becoming a growing industry that does not give the impression that they will reduce soon. Competition for the industry explodes consistently as more professionals choose to follow this direction in their career path. When competition is aggressive, it becomes a standard feature to see exposure decline when proper and consistent marketing does not focus on maintaining and growing the medical spa. Marketing is vital to any business, but when the competition is explosive, it becomes destructive to a medical spa not to implement every available tool to stay on top of the industry. Medical spas do possess one feature that holds them back, and that is the face-to-face interaction requirement. The service is a procedure that creates a need for local visualization. Creating Local SEO content is the solution that will market the medical spa location to promote their visibility while continuing to utilize the digital marketing features.


Branding is the art of giving your medical spa its identity while delivering your key personalized features that market your abilities. Branding is not a logo or a product but the passion behind the medical spa service that stands out above the competition. When developing your branding, focus on the services and features you offer and build your practice around your patients’ needs and wants. Your patients are what makes your medical spa, and while not every spa offers the same treatments, focus on where your skill and passions lie.

Start your local SEO by identifying and promoting services and education on treatment options that your competitors may not provide. This strategy will place you above and allow you to stand out. Target your specialty and also provide your education through local SEO content that your community can view and identify your location.

Your Website

Once you establish your branding, your digital footprint needs to begin, and the most effective way is to create your website. Design, content, and location are the most significant features that need creation to start. Your design will include a logo that sets the stage for your website, and you will want that to have meaning because it will stay with your medical spa. Your content will then surround a few elements of your website, but first, you will need to create your services and products that you offer. Use this content to educate your audience on the effectiveness of each service. Include in your content the conditions that the treatment will improve, before and after-care, side effects, and target the SEO market.

Your location is the aspect you need to drive when marketing using local SEO, so networking locally and setting your footprint digitally through the community is vital. Add a content section that gives directions from multiple routes and uses landmarks to identify the local community.  This technique will incorporate your practice into a geographical location through keywords that utilize local SEO.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a lucrative practice to use local SEO while delivering your audience education and discuss topics they want to read about, such as a treatment they may need additional information on before committing. One common way to deliver this is through blogging; this will also address your competitor using this same content marketing style because you do not want to fall behind what they offer. Use your local SEO often with highlights of local events and businesses, targeting keywords to ensure the local community notices your presence.

Many utilize google to find a service but include the words “near me,” and that phrase is where the local SEO comes in because you need to include keywords that will result in your presence when that phrase in your area targets GPS location. You can target many areas to ensure your digital footprints leave your location consistently through your branding and website. This technique is productive in SEO and starts to create your presence as you visit more marketing strategies to continue your growth and development.

Social Media

Since its creation, social media has impacted our society while it just continues to grow year after year. Businesses are marketing on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linkedin, and more, which create a local and global following. Social media can link to your website, and your website blogging can share on your social media. Your presence depends on your ability, connection, and engagement, but tools are available for scheduling content for the correct times and length for viewability.

Content calendars create scheduling that happens automatically to ensure that consistent involvement is happening. While notifications on your mobile device alert you to the engagement, allow you immediate participation with your audience. These tools are not the only ones because Facebook will market for you through subscription ads and messaging that retarget and engage past interactions that did not result a productive ending.


Facebook and Google align to allow all of these marketing strategies to work together that develop ads, content, and graphics to build your website and your practice. Growth is a few steps away when all these tools align together with the intent to increase the traffic to your social media, website, and practice. You began your business because you had a vision, and these few techniques can assist you in reaching that vision to ensure you address every aspect. Many campaigns will align to a large or small budget that will enhance the experience and drive more profit to your practice.

At Growth99, we are another feature that assists you in all the marketing goals and implementation to achieve growth and develop your presence and content. Targeting your brand, services, design, and social media are vital elements in the medical spa industry. Your practice surrounds your skill, expertise, and passion, while Growth99 possesses those same visions to bring beauty and life to a thriving and influential industry.

The medical spa industry creates innovative technology consistently, and patients utilize this industry to achieve the goals they have for their appearance. Building your business to align with that goal is your intent and the intent of Growth99.

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