Summer Marketing With Aesthetics and Why it’s HOT

Summer marketing for 2021 has taken an entirely different approach than in previous years. First, the entire Aesthetic market surrounds the appearance goals and not just for the face but the whole body, and what time of year do we want to look our best? During the summer is when we are exposing the most skin, so this is the season that patients will seek appearance improvements to enhance their summer enjoyment without the embarrassment their skin causes them. Second, last summer was not enjoyable for many because of our society shutdown. With the relaxing of restrictions, more people will hit the beaches and outdoor activities than ever before.

This summer will surround people about looking their best, and when they have improvements they want to make, now is the time they will utilize that treatment. Using the season changes to market your practice and treatment is an effective way to boost profits as a decline was in effect for most industries over the last year. Keeping your patients up-to-date on all the benefits to the appearance that your practice can assist them with will develop a relationship on all the services your practice can provide and not just for the summer months.

Don’t Forget The Holidays.

The summer offers several holidays: July 4th and Labor Day, but don’t forget Memorial Day. All three of these are essential times to focus your marketing on summer beauty and appearance. Start an email campaign with your current following and patient’s to ensure they stay up-to-date on any promotions or sales you have approaching. Create a design-friendly email that will grab the reader’s visual attention with summer colors that promote the approaching warm weather.  Summer is a hot time for the Aesethic market, and utilizing a desirable season to create and grow your practice will produce a compelling and driven marketing strategy.

Follow The Weather And Local Activities

Follow the weather and activities that are happening in your local community. The weather tracking does not need to center around the warm and beautiful days because your customers will need downtime when the rain hits. Offer a special rainy day to allow your patients to enhance their appearance without missing a day at the beach. This strategy is the perfect time to promote self-care that we all need consistently. Social media is a direct way to implement a last-minute special that surrounds the weather, and the potential is there to reach a large audience.

Keep track of the local events in the area, as promoting your practice can happen in various ways, and there is nothing better than embracing your community while marketing your brand and practice. Join an event and support the community while generating a presence that they will remember. Networking is always an essential part of marketing, as your image is how the prospective patients will identify your practice.

Offer Summer Gift Cards

Gift cards are a popular item, with many people preferring any other form of gift that one can choose. This payment allows the receiver to choose the way they spend it. Creating a summer gift card promotion can generate even more patients by gift cards being a non-verbal referral. Gift cards that personalize the practice will boost things even further, with the brand logo being on the card to promote identification. These cards can have a design that offers a summer theme while advancing the practice and can either be limited edition or an available strategy all year long. Summer is a sales generating season, and when you utilize that and bring a focus that works for your practice, benefits will be apparent all year long.

Running Sales During The Summer

Most consumers are always looking for a sale or a lucrative way to save but not give up the things they want. Most people plan vacations and special activities during the summer, so choosing this time of year to generate a sale is an impressive time to prepare. Directing these sales to hit during the July 4th and Labor Day holidays will drive your profits even more because it will be when consumers expect a deal to happen after Labor Day when people go back to their lives. The fun is declining because schools are about to begin, but that is another strategy you can offer.  Teenagers are the leading population that suffers from acne, so this is a prime time that treatment options for this skin condition can occur. Choosing your demographics carefully are offering options that cater to their needs will drive your profits. Different seasons warrant different treatments, so ensure that when summer passes to continue your research to enable an entire year of growing profits.


The summer is a viable time of year to market the Aesethic market because the appearance is vital for many that have appearance features they would prefer to keep hidden. This strategy is accessible during the colder months because patients cover due to the cold, but it is not as easy with the hotter months. Choosing to market before the summer even hits to beat the rush is another strategy to ensure the image they want. Marketing is essential to every business, or there is never the opportunity for growth. Create your plan and approach before it is needed because this will ensure that you are ready and can utilize your plan to incorporate all the features that will benefit your practice.

At Growth99, our vision encompasses your growth with your assistance to make your practice possess all the tools for solid marketing and improvements to ensure advancement into the next phase of your business plan. Our driven and proven design will assist you in building your practice into a business that you have dreamed it could become. Growth never needs to stop; it just becomes an engine that needs upgrading and designing that requires a professional team to make that happen. Your practice is yours to design because this is your passion, but you can achieve more than you ever imagined was possible with the right tools.


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