The Proven Ways to Start Running Google Ads for Your Medical Spa

Online advertising remains an effective solution for promoting medical spas, which is why SEO remains an integral aspect here. Nevertheless, running Google Ads for the first time seems intimidating for many medical spa owners. Most people think they need to break the bank to get ads on Google, but they are wrong. However, it may be challenging for some users since Google Ads stipulates walking through several steps to promote successful medical spa advertising. So what exactly are these steps? Read on to learn more about running Google Ads for your medical spa to attract more clients and win more sales.

The significance of paid traffic

When a medical spa purchases targeted web traffic, they acquire the ability to improve their website’s online visibility quickly. Furthermore, paid traffic allows you to engage more of your target audience directly with your business. As a result, this helps you to improve conversations that would enable companies to boost their online sales. However, knowing what to do next is critical once you buy traffic. At this point, it is best to refer to the experts to decipher whether paid traffic will specifically suit your business needs.

The basics of medical spa Google Ads

If your goal is to get as much target audience as possible, Google is something you should always consider. There are two types of Google advertisements: the first type is Google display ads, and the second one is Google search ads. You can recognize Google display ads by the gray inscription “ADVERTISEMENT” on the top, while you would see the Google search ads occur at the top of the Google results that a word “AD” can identify near a website’s link.

Also, Google display ads allow companies to add their unique flare and brand to their ads, offering various design considerations like graphics, descriptions, and titles. At the same time, Google search ads consist of a headline, description, and link. Below are the proven ways to start running Google ads to improve your medical spa’s sales.

Decide on a budget

Before initiating digital marketing for your medical spa, you need to set the amount of money you will spend on any activity generated by Google Ads. Once you’ve established a budget, you will make more informed decisions and allocate a specific budget according to your business’s needs. Although, keep in mind that this amount of money should be able to cover all expenses to gain profit from your medical spa business. Since you most likely want to make investments work to your advantage, you need to spend a specific sum initially.

Establish your campaign

At this time, you should have a Google Ads account set up; otherwise, it’s time to set one up for your medical spa if you still need to do this step. Setting up your first campaign is vital for medical spa advertising. You can do this by mentioning critical details about your campaign and setting a relevant title to avoid getting it confused among your other projects. You may also determine a goal for your campaign, but if you need a different plan, you can omit a clause to set a goal.


You can create more specific ads as you organize your campaigns. Generally, there are two primary levels: the higher level refers to the campaign’s name, and the lower one is the ad group. Each of these ad groups has a specific keyword list you can utilize. You can also organize the ads depending on the areas of your services. You can separate your services into skincare, face lifting, or others. That way, if a potential client is searching for face-lifting services, they won’t see your ads related to skin care. You can avoid cases where potential customers believe you need to offer the services they’re looking for.

Set up your target audience and campaign type

As soon as you set up your target audience, you can rest assured that aesthetic ads will appear to your potential clients. The ads you use to promote your medical spa can become more targeted to your audience if you set the specific age, geography, and other indicators.

Moreover, if you’re looking to learn how to create an efficient Google Ads campaign for your medical spa, you initially need to select a suitable campaign type. If you prefer search engine ads, your medical spa may appear on the first page of the search engine results due to the ads. You must understand that search engine ads consist of a headline, a description, and a URL. Google display ads also incorporate media into advertising, and you can choose suitable graphics, headings, and logos from a list offered. This type of Google Ad allows businesses to be more versatile.

Set your bid and use the proper keywords

The next step in how to market your medical spa on Google Ads is to base your ads according to the budget. You should divide the budget into ad groups and see how it performs. Additionally, the goals for your med spa will change over time, and your bids for ad groups will also change.

On the other hand, keywords are a significant factor in medical spa SEO since your audience will see them in search engines. The goal is to ensure that keywords are relevant enough to the ads. If you are still determining whether the keywords you chose are suitable for your ads, you can leverage Google Keyword Planner. This tool can help you select the right keywords to maximize your visibility in search engines.

Achieve the results you always wanted!

In this digital age, running a medical spa with Google Ads is certainly doable, but with more efficiency when you partner with an expert or digital marketing company that knows the runarounds. Managing an aesthetic practice or a medical spa is already a full-time job, and delegating tasks to experts is the best route to achieving your goals and not compromising on rendering your service to your clients. If you’re looking for a place to jumpstart your medical spa business, Growth99 is here! Contact us to learn more about what we can do for your business!

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