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Summer May Be Winding Down, but SEO and Digital Marketing Remain HOT!

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Last month, we gave an update on our company’s digital marketing and how it was doubling the heat of summer for us. Now, the season is almost at its end, but the heat of digital marketing remains. And I am not only speaking on behalf of Growth99. The fact is, we predict that digital marketing and SEO is an industry that will continue to rise even in the lowest economy.

SEO is digital marketing that somehow entangled any other channel such as email marketing and website marketing. That’s why we are focusing on our best performance to build more traffic on our clients. A good practice of Search Engine Optimization can do amazing things for a business, such as:

  • Increase In Website Traffic

  • Maintaining the Competition

  • Return Over Investment (ROI)

  • No Paid Ads Required

  • Brand Awareness Through Higher Rankings

We already discussed in our blog the benefits of an effective SEO for a business. If you want to delve into each of these benefits, go to our website.

To give you new updates on Search Engine Optimization and digital marketing, look at our list:

What’s Hot in Digital Marketing and SEO Today:

SEO integration in Mobile

Every business should focus on mobile SEO mainly for the reason that most people do their searching with their mobiles. You may be doing great with SEO for desktop, but you can do better with mobile SEO. Work your Search Engine Optimization with both desktop and mobile devices to give higher success.

Local SEO

Local SEO remains the best in targeting potential customers for a business. Instead of aiming your SEO in the wrong and multiple directions, make sure that SEO focus on the target audience. Doing so will make your digital marketing more effective without wasting resources and time.

Video Content

Words are powerful. However, video content is more engaging for the customers. Aside from engagement purposes, the Google algorithm tends to rank content with video and tags higher on the search engine result. Next time you want to share information, do it with a video.

Image Content

The same with video content, images attract audiences who mostly have a short attention span when surfing the internet for information. SEO Keywords are still important, but word counts have become less relevant when trying to rank on Google SERP. Post more pictures or include them in your content.


We know that a backlink is a link created to connect one website link to another. It is a free and convenient opportunity for websites to promote their own site inside of an individual page. You can promote services or products inside a different but related content and get the conversion.

Your SEO and Digital Marketing Today

Do you have your business website, or planning to build one? Whichever it is, making a decision to go for SEO and digital marketing is the best marketing strategy for you and your business.

Search Engine Optimization is just one channel in digital marketing, and there are more practices that you can integrate into your website to leverage in your marketing. For more information on the latest trends in SEO, digital marketing, and other practices, consult your trusted experts in digital marketing with the services available at your fingertips.

Growth99 is a company that provides not only digital marketing strategies but serves as your partner in growth.

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