What is WordPress?

In the beginning, WordPress was the most popular and most straightforward way to create blogs or websites. Now, nearly 35% of all websites on the Internet are powered using WordPress.

A technical description of WordPress, as cited by website dictionaries, claims, “WordPress is an open-source content management systems or a tool that makes it easy to manage content on your website without the need to know how to do programming.” It is a tool used by the best WordPress website development company in the area to design and manage optimum websites.

WordPress was created in 2003 as a standalone product used by bloggers. It has since evolved and become the most popular solution to create any website. WordPress can be used by individuals, businesses, well, just about anyone. Many public websites use WordPress as their management tool including Whitehouse.gov and Microsoft.

There are several reasons you should use WordPress for your website. Or, you might want to contact the best WordPress website development company to help you format your website.

  • WordPress is open-source software. You will need to pay for hosting, but you don’t have to pay to use WordPress software.
  • WordPress is easily modified. There is a vast system of themes and plugins the best Word Press website development companies use. Plugs help you change your website functions, and themes give you an endless array of ideas of how your website can look.
  • WordPress is easy to install. If you can follow instructions and click a few buttons, you can install WordPress on your site. Or even better, best WordPress website development companies can help you use WordPress to make your site even better.
  • WordPress is flexible and lets you create to your heart’s content. Your website can move and evolve with you by using WordPress. If you want to add a social network to your website, use the BuddyPress plugin.
  • If you need help with WordPress, it easy to find hep. There are tons of blogs, forums, Facebook groups, tutorials, and the best WordPress website development company is just around the corner to help you.

Entrepreneurs are turning to WordPress for web alternatives, but it does take a great deal of study and reading to know what you want. Consultants and the best WordPress development companies like Growth99 are the best places to go for help and advice. Web development companies set up everything related to WordPress and are expert at hosting, plugins, and themes. Many development companies will help you with backing up your site or securing it from any breach.

If you are searching for information about WordPress, there are tons of articles, helps books, and suggestions just yours for the asking. Search for WordPress, and your browser will return thousands of hits. Seeing thousands of entries might seem a little daunting, so go to a technology company based in Utah to get a better idea of what WordPress can do for your website.

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