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Why Google My Business is Important for your Plastic Surgery Practice

We’re all familiar with Google My Business by now, and it’s something most local businesses have set up at the very least. If you haven’t, we highly recommend doing so. You can even set up a GMB listing for your medical practice if it isn’t there already. If you are in the medical field and not sure why you should do this or how to do so, read on!

Get more traffic.

Developing a Google My Business profile is the first step to getting more traffic, but it’s essential. The next step is to encourage your patients to leave reviews on Google or get them to post photos of their results!

Reviews are a valuable source of information for potential patients looking for plastic surgery in San Diego, and they can help you stand out from the competition. Your business might be great at what it does, but how do you expect to make any money if no one knows about it? Make sure you’re making it easy for patients to leave reviews by creating a simple process that they can easily access after having their procedure done.

Capture the customers already searching.

You can capture the customers searching for your services by creating a Google My Business listing. It’s a great way to get in front of them with information about yourself and how you can help, plus it’s easy to update and manage.

Google My Business is also an excellent way to differentiate yourself from competitors because they may not have one yet or might not be taking advantage of the opportunity as much as you could. Plus, it’s an easy way to capture customers who don’t know you exist but are looking for information about plastic surgery practices in your area.

A simple but effective way to engage.

Google My Business is a free tool that will help you get found on Google. Ensure that you have the correct details filled out to ensure that patients find your practice easily and quickly.

  • Use keywords: Keywords are what people search for when they’re looking for information about plastic surgery in their area. The more specific the keyword, the better it relates to what your practice does. For example, if you specialize in breast augmentation surgery, then using “breast augmentation Austin Texas” would be much better than just saying “Austin plastic surgery” or “plastic surgeon Austin Texas”.
  • Use photos: Choose quality photos that show off your work instead of professional headshots or stock images (or selfies) from social media sites like Facebook or LinkedIn that seem amateurish at best and unprofessional at worst. If nothing else, include a picture of yourself with each review so potential patients can see who they’ll be working with during their procedure!

Monitoring and improving your local search rankings.

Google My Business allows you to track and monitor your local search rankings. You can do so by:

  • Searching for your business in Google Search, Maps, and Google Maps.
  • Visiting the My Business dashboard in the Google My Business app or online at

A Google My Business listing is essential for online marketing for medical practices.

Google My Business is an integral part of online marketing for medical practices. It’s also an essential part of online marketing for plastic surgery practices, cosmetic surgery practices, and cosmetic plastic surgery practices.

In 2018, more people searched on Google than any other search engine. This means that your patients are likely to find you through a Google search—and if they do, they will rank the results based on their relevance to their search query. So what does this mean for you? Google My Business (formerly known as Google Places) is where your practice can appear at the top of local search results when someone searches for “plastic surgeon in San Francisco.” And if they click through to your website or contact info on GMB first? You can bet they will be impressed with what they see!

Google My Business is an essential part of any marketing strategy for a medical practice. It’s a simple tool that provides an easy way to improve your local search rankings and brand awareness, bringing more customers through your doors. Even if you’re not ready to invest in a comprehensive digital marketing campaign, it’s worth creating a listing for your business on Google My Business to get started with capturing leads from the people who are already looking for you online.

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