3 Main Reasons Why Instagram Is Here To Stay For Marketing for Your Medical Spa

While we’re shut down from the world and stuck in our homes in this pandemic, we all feel grateful for social media as it serves as our window into the outside world. Social media offers us many benefits, including keeping us entertained by different content creators and brands and connecting us to other people worldwide. Thankfully, we no longer feel alone when we can host an Instagram Live and immediately connect with dozens of family and friends.

Not only that, for all of the medical spa owners in the house, Instagram can contribute a whole lot to the marketing of your business. You might wonder how this might happen. First of all, Instagram is a social media network that primarily focuses on being visual.

It allows estheticians and med spas to advertise their brands through the help of images and stories. However, utilizing Instagram’s influence and unleashing its full potential can be tricky at times. This post will discuss the three main reasons why Instagram is mainstream in the medspa industry.

1.  The use of hashtags

By using trending hashtags, it can elevate the game for you and put your medspa on top. Since Instagram uses hashtags to supply relevant content to internet users searching for a salon or med spa, they can widen your scope of people who get to see your posts. Of course, you need to make sure that the hashtags you use are relevant to boost your brand and direct potential clients your way.

However, don’t overuse them. While hashtags are helpful, you may want to avoid using too many of them in one post. Instagram sets a 30-hashtag limit on posts, and sometimes, excessively using them can actually decrease the supposed appeal of your med spa instead of increasing it.

Most importantly, create a unique hashtag for your medspa. Use this hashtag with every image you post to make your business popular in the market. You may also want to request your clients to use this hashtag when posting about a treatment or service they received from you to help promote your business substantially.

2.  The liberty to post the photos of your choice

The essence of good-quality images is to assist you in advertising your products and services on social media. Particularly on Instagram, you can try and go for blogger-style photos in their best quality. It is vital that every post on your Instagram doesn’t look staged, but it has to maintain a level of professionalism.

It can be attractive to post-professional photographs of your medical spa a few times a year to maintain brand awareness to your leads and clients. Designing in-the-moment posts can also give you a lot of engagement from internet users. Before-and-after photos are also excellent for the med spa industry.

Whether it is a facial treatment or a hair removal procedure, before-and-after photos are always a delight on Instagram.  Please don’t get caught up in permanently posting about treatments and services without using quality images to back them up. Pros agree that more often than not, posting feel-good photos can garner a more considered response from your audience than without them.

3.  Keeping the audience engaged

Another thing that you can do to build your med spa’s image to the consumers is by converting your Instagram account into a business profile. Doing so allows you, as the account owner, to view when your audience exhibits the most engagement. That can help you contemplate which days and what time to post any significant announcements while also helping you remain on a regular posting regimen.

And guess what? You also get to follow Instagram users that follow brands like yours. These individuals already established an interest in the industry, and by following them, you’re most likely to receive a follow back. You may as well want to try asking the audience relevant questions and create fun posts about specific treatments that relate to your practice.

All of those, as mentioned earlier, would give way to a consistent engagement with your audience to create a two-way process between you and the consumers. If you find out that someone has left a comment on your post, give them a like or reply to their comment; likewise, if someone reposted any of your posts, like or comment to keep the engagement going.

Why we are grateful of Instagram

The present situation that the pandemic has brought us changed how we live our lives now compared to how we used to. The COVID-19 crisis might have partially disabled our freedom to explore the world as much as we can, yet the internet has helped us a great deal in keeping track of what’s happening. Furthermore, it retained our capability to be still able to accomplish things despite the current restrictions.

Managing a medical spa amidst these trying times might not be a walk in the park. But thanks to social media, you still have a way to connect with your clients and reach out to them even with limited meet-ups or face-to-face discussions. We suddenly realize that building customer connections through Instagram is more significant than ever.

While, of course, it is an excellent vehicle to keep reminding your trusted and loyal clients why they enter your doors and visit you regularly. Your customers are fond of your brand, and they would appreciate hearing from you during this time. If you establish a firm social media strategy as you continuously meet your clients’ needs, they will be more than eager to patronize you and your services in the long run.

Getting adequate assistance from a team of experts to help you boost your brand through social media should be at the top of your to-do list. Learn more about getting around your med spa business through the COVID-19 crisis with Growth99 as your digital marketing partner. Your medical spa, along with your expertise and the skilled hands of your crew, should not be overlooked by everyone who needs professional help in the field of medical aesthetics. Book now and get a free consultation!

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