Why Your Medical Spa Website Is Not Converting. Focus On Call-To-Action Buttons To Book Online.

A conversion is a successful call-to-action (CTA) – it means a user lands on your site and clicks on a link that measures a certain level of interest. For example, if you’re doing online shopping, your call-to-action would be clicking on “add to cart” and converting if you enter your payment information and click “place your order.” When that happens, you have successfully become the respective online shop’s customer, and they can count you as a website conversion.

It works just the same for your medical spa website. It is important to note that conversions are difficult to compare in every industry because they have no set definition. A medical spa conversion could be a download of a registration form, a phone call, or a self-scheduled appointment. Conversions might be challenging to achieve without the best strategies in place. Research shows that reasonable conversion rates hover at around the 3-5% range, with the best rates at about 10%, depending on the industry.

The medical spa industry is especially tricky because your potential patients have a lot on their plate. With various medical spa websites to choose from, it is up to you how to up your game and be a cut above the rest. This post will point out a few possibilities why your medical spa website is not converting and how CTA is a critical aspect to consider.

Your medical spa website is confusing, and prospects can’t call you directly on their smartphones.

Many medical spa websites have come a long way in the past years, transitioning into a more corporate look and excellent navigation. A great website can have as many as three large navigation buttons, such as “book an appointment,” “find an injector,” and “view our locations.” These buttons can be displayed conspicuously on the home page and with a traditional menu along the top. It doesn’t sound so complicated. When designing your medical spa website, it would be best to ensure that everything is intuitive and that your visitors’ most critical questions are quickly answered with as few clicks as possible.

Additionally, more website visitors –particularly millennials, use their smartphones for everything, including searching for aesthetic treatments and the best medical spa in town. Moreover, they’ve come to expect that when they see a phone number on a website, they can press it to call your office directly. This is a quick and easy way to help with conversions significantly. So check your website regularly and make sure the links function correctly to serve their purpose.

Your prospective patients can’t make appointments online.

Forget phone calls! Wouldn’t it be more time-saving to skip the office call altogether and give your prospects and patients the means to book their appointments straight out of your website? The ease of online booking can mean the difference between continued surfing and instant conversion. Reducing the steps to take is most likely the major contributor to directly booking an appointment with you.

Your audience can also book 24/7 instead of browsing your site at 10 pm and immediately forgetting to call you the following day. The added benefit is the time saved your staff could have spent taking appointment requests by phone.

Direct your visitor’s actions based on their needs with call-to-action

On the other hand, having a clear CTA on your website would mean you’re saving your visitors from being puzzled and giving them what they need straight away! They’re not left clicking away out of confusion or apathy. Posting content that builds intrigue and excitement plus your CTA allows searchers to dig more deeply into your website, and the chances of conversion skyrockets! It is essential to study your readers’ needs and leverage them on your website to increase your medical spa’s conversion.

CTAs help increase your website’s conversion optimization efforts.

Improving your medical spa website’s performance results in increasing conversion rates. That’s for businesses alone. Concerning encouraging visitor engagement, which is a crucial factor of any website, call-to-action can provide the following user experience:

· Establishes a solid connection between a customer’s desire and availability.

· Provides immediate access to content while decreasing potential clients’ disappointment and wasted surfing time.

· Quicker location of your medical spa’s offered services.

· Immediately guiding a visitor into becoming an official client through online booking options.

· An increase in usability and consumer loyalty.

CTA buttons that get the click

For your website’s call-to-action to help with conversion, here are some of the best practices in establishing your buttons:

1. Use action-packed text – CTA buttons should feature action-oriented text instead of generic or “boring” words, such as “submit” and “enter.” Instead, put in more action-packed words like “call now,” “book a free consultation,” and “sign up.”

2. Use the right colors – you might be surprised, but your button color matters – a lot. Therefore, give careful consideration to your button colors. Generally, green and orange buttons are found to perform best. But, of course, you wouldn’t want an orange CTA button on an orange background.

3. Large and legible text – Your button text should be large enough to read quickly but not too large that it looks ridiculous or intimidating. While it may seem absurd to imply that the size of your text matters, many users subconsciously get displeased with threateningly large lettering. Your button text should draw attention, but remember to mind its size that it completely overwhelms the rest of your content.

Get your call-to-action buttons running!

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