Why Medical Aesthetic Practices Need AI Chatbots Set Up On Their Websites.

When trying to operate your medical aesthetics practice successfully, you need to automate your work process to maximize your profits. In any business, customers always want (and expect) fast responses to their queries. They prefer to interact with your brand without filling out long forms. They want assistance and support from you and to go about their day. However, you can’t provide stellar customer support without the help of automation.

One particular automation tool that has gone mainstream these days is the AI chatbot, in which 69% of consumers find chatbots helpful since they provide quick and straightforward responses. Today, almost every other website uses a chatbot or a dialogue-based pop-up. It can independently accomplish many tasks, such as answering inquiries and storing customer information. An AI chatbot is one of the best tools to reduce mundane and repetitive tasks for you and your team.

What AI chatbots can offer

A recent report shows that 33% of consumers are likely to book online appointments using chatbots. As a medical aesthetics practitioner, you can also provide your clients with a method to contact you conveniently at any time. Automating such critical tasks improves efficiency and increases customer satisfaction. By now, you should realize how much we suggest you get an AI chatbot for your medical aesthetics practice.

Yet, if you’re still contemplating whether or not you should set up one on your website, you’ve come to the right place. This post will discuss why your medical aesthetics practice needs an AI chatbot to benefit you and your patients. Read on, and you might wonder how your practice ever managed to survive without one!

An AI chatbot can make your website more engaging.

Your website serves as the first impression your potential patients will have of you and your practice. Indeed, you want this impression to last and leave them wanting more. The good news is that an AI chatbot can help with that! It can make your website more engaging to your visitors by providing a pleasant experience on your website, offering them helpful information in an easy-to-digest format, and more.

AI chatbots can also provide a way for visitors who opt not to use the traditional contact form with a more user-friendly option, allowing them to ask questions easily and receive answers from a friendly bot quickly. Thanks to the power of technology, it is now easier for potential and existing clients to find exactly what they’re looking for!

Collect client feedback easily.

Feedback is one of the most significant ways to gather information on service quality and patient experience. Furthermore, it eliminates the manual creation and recording of forms. You can set up an AI chatbot on your medical aesthetics website to process and store data promptly and securely. Through this, your patients can fill in feedback forms whenever they please, and you can effectively filter their feedback. More importantly, this gives you an insight into opportunities you can focus on to improve.

Impress your clients

AI chatbots are designed to render a seamless customer experience. Eight out of ten customers who have used chatbots find it to be a positive customer experience. Your medical aesthetics practice can win the customer engagement game as you set up a robust AI chatbot on your website. It is programmed to act politely, even toward irate or rude users. It ensures that your customers are fully satisfied after they visit your website.

AI chatbots are available 24/7 and respond as quickly as possible. An all-time availability and timely response can enhance your practice’s customer service. However, while setting up an AI chatbot for your website, make sure they are bug-free, match your brand’s voice, and are professional. A well-laid chatbot will work seamlessly on any device and answer almost (if not all) every question relating to your practice and operations.

AI chatbots can help save money.

Every year, about 265 billion customer support requests are generated, costing a staggering $1.3 trillion to service them. But you can cut down these costs by utilizing AI chatbots. If you want to give 24/7 support 365 days a year, you typically have to spend on resources, hiring a customer service representative, and others. But with a chatbot, you can save such operational costs easily. 

AI chatbots can help your medical aesthetics practice save money on customer service by enhancing response time and giving real-time answers to their queries. The advantage is that chatbots will never call in sick or badmouth your brand. On top of that, by using chatbots, there will be no space for human errors. Several experts state that chatbots are cheaper to develop than mobile apps. This tells us that it will reduce operational costs and increase your practice’s productivity once you integrate a chatbot on your website.

Boost brand values

Chatbots act like humans and can help build a strong rapport with your audience and boost your brand. This will help you meet customers’ expectations and raise your brand’s value. Did you know that every second, nearly 2.4 million emails are sent? However, the open rates are only 5-10%.

On the other hand, chatbots have higher open rates than emails. Chatbots can engage with users actively and efficiently while delivering quick responses. That explains why chatbots have high open rates and can help you get closer to your clients. Conversational chatbots will impress you like you are conversing with a live person. It can also send you images, videos, and other relevant content to keep your patients interested.

Your brand will soon achieve better user engagement, and your chatbot will give a personalized experience to your clients. This also ensures customer satisfaction as your prospects and clients can interact with your chatbot anytime. You will notice sooner or later that chatbots can boost your brand value and help you gain popularity among users.

Are you all geared toward setting up an AI chatbot for your website? Growth99 is here to help you! Book a free consultation to find out what our team can do for you and help you reach your goals for your practice!

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