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CRM + Robust Digital Marketing Leads the Pack to Convert More Leads to Your Medical Aesthetics Practice

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Can you imagine launching an advertising campaign for your medical aesthetics practice without direction and no particular target audience group? It sounds ridiculous, right? Establishing an effective marketing strategy stipulates a deep understanding and thorough knowledge of what your brand can offer, your target customers, and the types of marketing content that most (if not all) of them respond to. This is where Customer Relationship Management, or CRM, comes into the picture. It is a system that all types of businesses utilize in every industry. Research shows that CRM helps various enterprises, one of which is the medical aesthetics industry, achieve long-standing and more fruitful relationships with their customers.

This doesn’t come as a surprise since a CRM system allows you to closely understand your potential and existing patients while allowing you to communicate with them effectively using a targeted marketing strategy. As technology continues to redefine the norm and reshape the world, different companies can now leverage CRM, paired with robust digital marketing, to generate more leads and increase conversions. Read on to find out more!

CRM and Digital Marketing combined for Medical Aesthetics

As CRM is closely tied to a client’s purchasing behavior online, how can it be more effective when partnered with digital marketing? The answer to this tricky question is pretty straightforward: CRM and digital marketing simply mesh well together. There are two significant parts of how their relationship affects each other:

1.    Customer Segmentation

CRM and digital marketing allow businesses to monitor the behavioral activities of leads and clients on social media platforms. Organizations can section out their customers through this dynamic tandem based on interests, attitudes, and preferences regardless of demographics. Therefore, businesses can directly communicate with their target audience based on these sections and determine the techniques that work along the way. This strategy is called customer segmentation, and it’s a more accurate way to target the right prospects.

2.    Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the process of driving traffic to a website through organic search results. Digital marketers perform SEO tactics through strategic usage and positioning relevant keywords throughout a website’s content. With CRM software in place, you can pull up a record of past conversations and strategic keywords that you can utilize to attract more leads further. This can include asking your audience how they discovered your practice, their keywords when searching, and more.

Proactive service

The data collected in CRM can help automate a more customized outreach throughout your medical aesthetic practice’s marketing funnel. When CRM mixes with digital marketing, your sales team’s outreach efforts can improve to help your patients. And when your sales team learns about the interests of most of your patients, the team can meet the clients’ needs and address issues more proactively. Moreover, with relevant data available in CRM dashboards, there’s no need to dig for information, so you and your team can get right down to what truly matters. With this proactive approach, you can save time while making your prospects and clients feel the value you put in them. Finally, it can improve your bottom line by achieving higher customer satisfaction through reduced resolution times for addressing issues.

Digital Connections

When you use CRM to create data sheets about your clients and leads, you can then approach them in a one-to-one digital campaign. You can connect with them and leverage their preferences to provide suggestions on their social networking sites. Hence, they can see advertisements and remind them of what they need or desire to achieve through the works of medical aesthetics. You can also send email campaigns that directly promote the treatments you offer based on your past clients’ previous availed services. Creating blogs and articles about mainstream aesthetic treatments is also an excellent idea to broaden your horizon. When your content bears relevant information that your prospective patients may benefit from reading, it will ultimately increase lead generation and drive more sales to your practice afterward.

CRM personalizes a digital marketing campaign

Utilizing CRM to gather data regarding your audience’s likes and dislikes allows you to narrow down your target and filter the most influential group of people to focus on. CRM provides you with essential statistical data following your clients’ purchasing behavior, what they browse for on the internet, and other critical factors such as age groups, gender, and location. You can freely use all of the collected data in your digital campaign. The traditional way of performing one broad-based campaign while hoping the interested prospective clients might see it is ancient history with CRM and digital marketing. This time, you can ensure that the ones interested in the treatment and services you offer can find what they’re looking for on your website and social media channels.

Partner with Growth99 and experience a dynamic tandem for Medical Aesthetics!

It is natural to look for ways to reduce costs while still maximizing your business’s potential and driving results when running a business. Having CRM in your digital strategy will save you some time and money, as CRM systems can manage and analyze customer data on their own. You don’t need to hire someone to do these tasks for your medical practice since the CRM system can accomplish these for you automatically. Thus, freeing up your team members to do more critical studies for your business.

Growth99 specializes in digital marketing with CRM to help grow your audience for your medical aesthetics practice. Partnering with this team of digital experts can create better opportunities for lead conversions and increase your ROI. Book a free consultation today to explore the endless possibilities that lie within your practice. Let’s discuss your options today!

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