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Discover How to Use Google Ads to Reach Your Goals for Your Medical Spa.

As a medical spa owner, you probably didn’t get into the aesthetic business merely because you wanted to learn how digital marketing works, mainly Google Ads. Most med spa owners are passionate about providing a relaxing experience while helping their patients with their Botox, Coolsculpting, PRP hair treatment, and other aesthetic needs. Worrying about website issues, search engine optimization, or keywords can take away your chances of rendering the best experience to the clients that walk through your doors.

Online advertising and pay-per-click (PPC) marketing remain the most effective ways to get new clients, make your brand more recognizable, and grow your audience. Although, running Google Ads for the first time seems like a massive concern for many medical spa owners. They might think they need to invest so much money to get their ads set up on Google, but that’s not the case. Google Ads might require steps to promote a medical spa’s services successfully, but it’s certainly doable. But what exactly are these steps? Read on to find out!

Using Google Ads to stand out from your competitors

Chances are, your competitors already use Google Ads as part of their marketing strategy and are bidding on solid keywords. Yet that doesn’t mean the game is over, for you can still compete with them! There are a ton of options with Google Ads, and it’s essential to have a solid game plan to avoid the risk of spending money on PPC marketing but with no tangible results.

Google Ads isn’t as straightforward as creating a blurb Sculptra butt lift, inserting a few keywords, and letting your ad go live. Instead, you must know which keywords are worth paying for, where your ads should strategically show up online, how to target local searchers, what time of day to run them, and the list goes on. Figuring all this out by yourself is exceptionally time-consuming.

Google Ads can have a significant positive impact on your medical spa’s success, and it’s critical to choose a professional digital marketing company that understands search engine algorithms and can provide tangible results consistently.

Choose the right keywords while personalizing a user’s journey.

Establish the right strategy in place for your ads. You need to focus on your desired results, choose your keywords, create your ad copy, and design your landing page to achieve your end goal of a conversion action. Words like “I,” “me,” “we,” and “us” fail to focus on the client’s needs and can hurt your chances of getting a click, especially when they’ve proven to hurt conversion on landing pages, too. Look for opportunities to incorporate the keyword “you” on your first description line or headline. And, of course, lead and offer benefits!

Find the negative keywords and use Google to optimize performance.

Use the necessary tools to detect negative keywords that you don’t wish your ads to show up for! A smart way to boost your Google Ads conversion rate is to eliminate negative keywords that don’t include specific search terms that trigger the display of your ads. Doing this can help overcome the challenge of running an ad to analyze if the search queries are relevant to what your medical spa offers or not.

Moreover, are you eager to test variants of web pages and observe how they perform even when you don’t know how to code? Get more out of your budget and improve your ads, bids, and keywords to increase the performance and efficiency of an ad account with Google Optimize.

An optimal landing page and highlighting your ads’ most powerful words or phrases

You need to ask yourself this critical question: is your call-to-action button (CTA) a visual marker that attracts as many potential clients as possible? Your landing page’s design will significantly impact your conversion rate. Tweak your landing page in a way visitors might find appealing and help with the conversion process. Each element on your landing page can and should be verified and tested. You must check the CTA placement, color, and shape.

You can accomplish this task by creating a relevant page exclusively designed for your ad groups. The key is to keep everything simple to avoid too long page loading time, as smartphone users will likely exit a page once it loads for too long.

Likewise, it would help if you also determined whether or not your most compelling words or phrases increase the probability of a visitor converting. Incorporating powerful words like “last minute” will pull in a stronger purchasing motivation. Words like “functionality,” “easiness,” and “efficiency” are powerful words that might work best on your prospects and leads. Use attention-grabbing solid phrases to test in your Google Ads.

Get the right people to visit your website.

Google Ads allow you to narrow down your audience and target specific people who will become assets to your brand. Your ideal customers are those you have healthy interactions with, who visit your med spa repeatedly, who your solution is right for, and who refer more suitable people to avail of your services. Most businesses that struggle with sales, more often than not, market themselves to the wrong people.

Targeting on Google Ads enables you to find your ideal clients based on their specific needs, activities, devices, location, etc. It also improves your audience’s brand awareness in the market and helps your medical spa grow.

Bonus fact: The good news is, you don’t just go on and pay Google even when your ads are not viewed or clicked. Google Ads uses the pay-per-click method that only charges you when people enter your website and see your offer. Due to this, you only pay for results; you can break even and take advantage of every lead that goes into your funnel.

Are you ready to incorporate Google Ads to reach your goals for your medical spa business? Growth99 can help you get there! Its team of digital marketing experts is willing to usher you toward your business goals. Get in touch with us and be part of our team.

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