What Should You Watch Out for with SEO in 2022


Results Will Show The Most Related and Accurate Contents

Content Association to the Query:

Misleading titles with irrelevant content will no longer get their spot on the page results. Google’s algorithm is getting better at recognizing content with the most relevant and reliable information. By 2022, expect that SEO ranking’s will be more competitive with providing high-quality content that is helpful to internet users. Content that only tries to fish for their audience through linking unnecessary sourcing will be not effective as it is today. Google will also identify the reliability of the link inserted on the content.

Personalized Results Based on Recent Searches:

The current traffic shows the most search topics based on the algorithm of the accumulative information and activities from all internet users. Google is now working to improve the searching experience of every user to match the information that will come up according to the history of their visited pages and frequent queries. So in the future, the search results can match the pages to show to users according to their interest. Think of it as how Youtube shows recommended and suggested videos to users.


Do you see the little section on top of results that shows a quick description or photos of the search result? It is helpful sometimes, especially for quick searching of information. But most of the time, the snippet shows misleading and incomplete information. By 2022, snippet on the search result page will be gone.

New Ways In Searching

Voice Search and Inquiry:

In 2022, keyword searching will have more practical results. Since the implementation of voice recognition to mobile devices and internet software, casual-conversation type of questions will be more used by internet users. Keywords such as Best Yoga Routine is appropriate to use when you consider searches done by typing, but with the increase of popularity in voice searching, How to do yoga can be considered as a new keyword for yoga-practicing topics.


Related Keywords:

There is no need to mention the same keyword all over the blog or article content. Keyword spamming is no help in increasing traffic. Google is becoming smarter in identifying high-quality content that they will consider the synonyms or related words from the keyword in the ranking. Do not use the word excited repeatedly. Doing otherwise will no longer forsake the quality of your work but will also be detected as spam.

Images and Videos Will Take Part in Optimization:

Putting pictures and videos on content is very beneficial and practical for readers and writers. The pictures and videos contained in web content will also help your article rank and increase search traffic.

Local SEO Will Thrive in Search Results:

Since people are finding ways to limit social contact and staying indoors as much as possible, driving through the city to find a good spa is no longer a practice. Now, people are searching “Medical Spa near me” when they need to book an appointment. Local SEO will be effective in online marketing in 2022 and even if the pandemic disappears, studies and surveys say that people prefer to work and study at home and will probably be doing so even after the pandemic.


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