The Power of SMS and Email Marketing and How it Generates Leads

The digital age has fundamentally shifted people’s notions of brand communication, product information, speed, cost, and service. This change provided marketers with a new and robust way to nurture the customers’ value, engage their audience more, and build lasting relationships. Moreover, digital marketers must design a solid value proposition and strategies that offer the most significant advantage in their target markets.

SMS and email marketing are the most engaging platforms available today to aid marketers in standing out in the eCommerce market. And given the popularity of smartphones, it’s no surprise that combining SMS and email marketing packs a pretty potent punch in generating more leads for your business. You can make the most of both marketing tactics by understanding the best uses of each.

Since their strengths are complementary, using both communication channels can strategically result in more effective campaigns and more engaged customers. To go further in-depth with SMS and email marketing together, let’s get an insight into how they function individually in the market to leverage them to your marketing efforts more effectively.

SMS and email marketing are permission-based.

Whether your clients fill out an online form to subscribe to a monthly newsletter or tick a box to agree to receive SMS notifications, they’re giving you their consent to communicate with them on these platforms. The list of leads you can compile from these sign-ups is higher in quality than anything you can procure through search engine cohort builders or social media.

Targeting your audience with ads may work, but some might not prefer these ads popping up on their screens. In this case, SMS and email marketing is a better strategy as it offers a personalized solution to engage with the right audience. The people who opt-in are interested in what you have to say, making them ideal prospects. Also, SMS and email marketing warrant that your end audience already knows a thing or two about your brand.

Furthermore, communication through emails and SMS creates more space for you to build your brand and tell your story. Even short messages, when delivered excellently, can increase customer sentiment and boost your company’s image among your audience.

Reach more leads with multiple messaging channels

Some prospects don’t want another sales email in their inbox. Others get annoyed if their phone buzzed with a text from a store they previously ordered from once. Like any other campaign, the best way to keep every prospect and customer happy is by tracking the response rates and then segmenting the audience through their messaging preferences.

When you’re working on building your list of leads, not everyone will always tell you their favorite messaging channel. Your leads may sign up for one or the other only because it’s the first one presented. But you can test their communication preferences by giving everyone the option to subscribe to both lists, then observe what their interactions manifest. You don’t want to cut someone from a list if they haven’t responded to your messages even once. However, you can segment your prospects and existing clients based on open rates.

For instance, those who click on your text messages but rarely read your emails should get more texts and fewer emails. Likewise, those who glance at your texts but often respond to the CTAs in your emails should get more emails and only receive urgent or essential texts. If a client decides to unsubscribe from one of your marketing channels, you may still keep in touch with them via their preferred method.

The ability to secure customer relations

Customer engagements are the primary and solid goal of any marketing strategy. Implementing SMS and email marketing together can do wonders for a brand as marketers can use email to establish customer relationships and SMS to increase conversion and customer commitment. Having the correct audience database is essential as they help you understand which services to pitch to your leads or predict who will purchase what and when.

To stand out in the market, you need to focus on keeping the database updated as people’s phone numbers get changed and deleted all the time. Therefore, checking regularly and ensuring you’re sending your messages to the right and targeted people is necessary. You may also use SMS and email marketing to verify and update subscribers’ email addresses and phone numbers.

Improve customer experience

The truth is, the way people interact with text messages versus emails is different, and understanding this can improve customer experience. Let’s think about it: when was the last time you clicked on an “urgent” email when you received it? Unless it was from an irate client, we’re never guessing. Emails work best for long-form messages and newsletters. They’re the best medium to deliver non-urgent communications or give information your leads might want to save.

On the other hand, text messages are brief and concise, making them excellent for delivering urgent information or real-time communications that require interaction, such as reminders, security alerts, confirmations, etc. Prospects and customers don’t want to miss such critical details. We bet they’ll be glad to receive anything immediately actionable through text. In the same way, they’ll be grateful to you for keeping the long-form content in emails where they can open it whenever they please.

Our takeaway

Today’s modern marketer aims to indulge leads and customers by promising an exclusive and satisfying client experience. SMS and email marketing, when working together, play an active role in shaping the market. This approach allows your leads to be nurtured into becoming paying customers. Eventually, it will result in higher ROI and conversion rate with business growth and increased brand awareness.

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