Why Growth99 Continues to Preach About Online Booking For Your Medical Spa

Online Booking is Going Mainstream

The next big thing is online booking. And it’s not that new. Online booking has been around for years, but many health and wellness business owners are not implementing it in their strategies.

We get plenty of questions regarding why we preach about having online e-booking. We’ve written articles and blog posts on the subject multiple times, and we will do it again because new stats prove how beneficial this tool can be for your business.

Why You Should Have Online Booking?

  • Online booking is becoming mainstream:
  • Online booking is growing in popularity: More businesses are offering this service to their clients now than ever before, and the trend shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. In fact, according to a study by the Pew Research Center, “46% of Americans say they have booked travel plans online (including hotels, flights, etc.) in the past year…up from just 28% who said this in 2003″.

Online Booking is More Than Just an Appointment Scheduler

The Benefits of Online Booking

For every hour a doctor spends with patients, they spend two hours on paperwork and administrative tasks, and they’re spending more time managing their practice than taking care of their patients. With online booking, you can eliminate the tedious admin work of scheduling and rescheduling patient appointments to ensure you have more time for your patients.

Saves Time 

One of the significant benefits is that it saves you time by allowing your customers to book appointments at their convenience, 24/7/365. Instead of your clients needing to call during business hours, they can book an appointment whenever convenient. Without worrying about phone calls and texts from clients, you’ll have more free time for yourself and patient care. You will save customer service reps’ time spent on the phone by allowing self-service booking. Still, customers also find it easier to book an appointment themselves rather than trying to explain everything over the phone or via text message, which can take up a lot of precious time.

Can Save You Time and Money

One of the most significant benefits is saving time. The automation of appointment scheduling will keep you and your staff countless hours each month. No longer will you need to spend valuable time answering phone calls and responding to people interested in booking an appointment. Just think about it: while one of your employees is on the phone, they can’t be doing other important business activities, like contacting existing clients or creating new content for your website or social media accounts. It won’t be an issue; because all scheduling can take place automatically, you and your team members can focus their energy on other things.

Online Booking Defeats Your Competitors

You’re probably familiar with online booking has several clear benefits for your clients. It’s an essential feature for today’s instant-gratification consumers, and it can help you build a reputation for forward-thinking efficiency and customer service. However, there are many additional ways in which this technology can give you a valuable edge over competitors within your industry.

Many platforms also offer gift cards, loyalty programs, Facebook integration, and more to begin. If your clients have such options available to them through your website or social media page, they’re less likely to seek out other resources to meet those needs. Think of it as one-stop shopping: if they’re already on your website or social media platform looking up information about treatment or product they want to buy, they might book their appointment right there instead of jumping around settling various business transactions in different places.

In addition to the time-saving advantages that online booking offers customers directly, the technology also saves you time from handling scheduling issues yourself. It makes it possible for you to focus more on internal business operations and to improve client services without having to worry about taking extra phone calls or answering questions about availability every few minutes so that someone can check off “getting my appointment scheduled” from their list of things to do that day.

You’re Not Alone in Your Medical Spa Business. Let Us Help

Growth99 is here to help. We can help your business in the following ways:

  • Website design and development
  • Online booking
  • Appointment scheduling and management
  • Digital marketing

We understand the medical spa industry; we have been working with medical spas for over three years, helping them to increase their online lead generation and online bookings.

Why online booking?

Online booking is a must to reach more clients, expand your services, and grow your business. And it can offer you some time back into your day-to-day schedule. Also, the bottom line is that it will increase your bookings.

Businesses with an online booking system see up to a 25% increase in their bookings.

The time is now to take advantage of online booking. It will save your customers time, but it will also keep your business time. It’s a win-win for everyone!

There are many benefits, and from these, you can increase the number of bookings and revenue for your medical spa. We believe that the check-in process is an essential part of a patient’s visit to the doctor, so we like to reduce this wait as much as possible with our pre-visit intake forms.

Will Increase Your Bookings

Customers want to know what businesses are doing to differentiate themselves from competitors. This doesn’t mean that you need to do something out of this world or radical, but rather that you are staying ahead by using some current technologies. Customers will appreciate not having the hassle of calling into your office and waiting on hold or even coming to your office to make their appointment. They can simply go on their phone or computer anytime they have spare moments and book their appointments quickly without interruptions.

Will Increase Your Revenue

While building our software, we had one main goal: increasing revenue for our clients.

By implementing online booking into your practice, you will be able to bring in more new customers who may have been too busy beforehand to schedule an appointment with you over the phone or by coming into your office.

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