Facebook vs. Google

How Facebook and Google Work Better for your Business

Facebook and Google, two company names you hear everywhere you go. People and businesses worldwide use both platforms to reach their customers and followers. Both can be accessed on every computer, smart TV, smartphone, and any other electronic device with Internet capabilities.

Today, consumers are shopping online increasing numbers every day. If they are not buying, they are searching for information or businesses that provide the services they either need or want. Consumerism is a web-based driven market in today’s world unlike in the past.

Recognizing that the ever-growing popularity of the Internet and consumerism, it only makes sense that advertising within platforms is how companies market their services and brands. Using both Google and Facebook’s growing platforms has the potential to increase traffic to your website as well as increase profit margins.

Suffice to say, despite the still-growing popularity of both of these platforms, many businesses are not taking advantage of advertising and increasing not only website traffic but also profits.

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world today with over one billion users. Facebook is actively used for social interactions, shopping and sharing thoughts and ideas. Its outreach is worldwide and brings people and businesses closer than ever.

Over 1.17 billion people use Google worldwide! Google is used for searching, shopping and more. Google also provides a social platform as well as a way to connect with people and companies worldwide.

Ads that appear on Facebook can be broken down into two categories; retargeting and prospecting. Retargeting means that your company or brand is essentially bounced back in front of traffic to advertise for users who have left your website.

Prospecting essentially is reaching out to “cold leads” that many companies feel is a dead end.

At Growth99, we decided to study this marking process ourselves and prove the “dead end” consensus wrong. Our team members decided to test a theory that prospecting ads on Facebook had an impact on AdWords before they could officially prove it.

A paid search manager at CPC strategy said: “when a new audience is exposed to a brand on Facebook, they may not engage with the ad at that moment, but they’re more likely to remember the brand and reach the website later through Google.”

We decided to do a test run on a medical client of ours, running ads on both Google and Facebook. While this client was already seeing success on Google because their product was already in demand, we are still testing, and so far we are seeing excellent results. Keep in mind, more money spent on advertisements doesn’t necessarily mean more returns.

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