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Are You A Medspa Or A Clinic? Let’s Find Out


Medspas and clinics are similar in that they offer medical services but differ in their offerings and the patients they serve. Medspas focus on cosmetics, wellness, and anti-aging treatments, while clinics focus on primary care. This article will help you decide if your business is a medspa or clinic so you can better market yourself to potential customers.


Determining Your Marketing Goals

The first step in creating a marketing plan is to determine your goals.

The most important part of understanding how to create a marketing plan is identifying what you want it to accomplish. What are your goals? How will you know when those goals have been achieved?

There are two types of marketing plans: strategic and operational plans. You can use these as templates for creating one that works best for you and your practice.

A strategic marketing plan includes information about where the business needs to go over the next year or two, while an operational marketing plan focuses on current activities within the organization (i.e., what’s working well).

Defining Your Overall Brand

You must do more than just find an audience when marketing your spa. You also must ensure that your message is consistent and clear. Your brand is more than just a logo or tagline; it’s all about how your business conveys itself in all its visual elements, such as advertisements and social media posts.

How Medspas and Clinics Can Support Each Other

Medspas can help clinics with marketing, while clinics can assist medspas with branding. Clinics can also help medspas with patient education and retention, while medspas can assist clinics in similar areas. The same goes for marketing: both types of businesses can benefit from working together to reach common goals.

Learn the differences between medspas and clinics and how they can coexist.

Medspas and clinics are two different approaches to health and wellness. If you’re a clinic, you may wonder if opening a medspa is in your future or vice versa. Both practices can coexist—and they should, because they offer different services that appeal to consumers.

Let’s start with the basics: What do these terms mean? A “medspa” is an aesthetic medical practice (i.e., one with primarily cosmetic treatments). Medspas tend to focus on beauty and aesthetics while keeping their medical credentials intact; they do not treat chronic conditions or prescribe medications. Clinics are medical offices with physicians on staff that treat all types of illness, including chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension. Clinics often include specialists who focus on specific organ systems like dermatology or cardiology—but not always.


The medical spa industry is changing, and it’s important to understand how the two different types of businesses can coexist in this evolving environment. As we discussed earlier, medspas are often more focused on aesthetics and cosmetic procedures, while clinics focus on health treatments such as weight loss programs or IV vitamin infusions. Medical spas can be smaller than traditional clinics, with just one doctor and one nurse. In contrast, clinics will have multiple physicians working with specialists like psychologists or acupuncturists who don’t see patients daily but work only occasionally for specific needs.

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