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10 Reasons Continuous Google Reviews Convert More Clients To Your Medical Spa

Google Review provides your medical spa a credibility 10 Reasons boost when engaging with clients to access your services. Because of this, reviews have been constantly used in medspa digital marketing to help convert more clients.

Why are Google Reviews Essential in Medical Spa?

People usually like to search for a review on different engine sites. But the continuous reign of Google Reviews in search engines is a proven way to increase the visibility of your services. As internet goers search vertically, the top of the page shows the one that contains the most and constant reviews from clients. 

Thus, continuously gaining reviews increases the visibility of your services and your influence on potential customers. Now, how does Google Review convert these internet surfers to clients? Below are ten reasons how:

1. Google Review is more visible to Google algorithm

Being more visible means 10 Reasons more traffic for your site. When a potential client wants to search for medical spa options, they will first search aesthetics businesses in a search engine. Due to Google’s algorithm, the search results page will show the business page with the most Google reviews at the top.

In this case, audiences will likely click the top link first because they think it is the most reliable. And upon opening the page, they will see the reviews that may give them a hint on why it is on the top search.

So, continuous reviews are definitely helpful in providing higher conversion rates than any other marketing strategy nowadays.

2. Good Google Review establish client trust and business reliability

Testimonials from clients are organic, authentic feedback brought by how you delivered your service to them. By ensuring a continuous stream of reviews from real clients, audiences who are scanning your page will feel a sense of trust. Whether good or bad, reviews establish your credibility as a medical spa.

Sometimes, business pages feature reviews from survey forms. But, these may sometimes seem fake. So, Google reviews are still the standard.

3. Google Review is also your reputation

When you search a particular business page, it usually displays their website first, and directly below it are the reviews. So, if audiences see that you have many 10 Reasons good reviews, they perceive you as an excellent medical spa that they may consider, among others. However, if you have bad reviews or no reviews at all, you will not be as legitimate as other medical spas with more client reviews.

It is also important to constantly encourage clients to give feedback and reviews to your website because, in this way, they will be able to update audiences on your current services. Remember that a good review from 2010 is not as reliable compared with a review from 2021.

4. Google Review becomes a two-way communication between you and your clients

All reviews are essential because they mirror your spa’s services. If you claim to provide high-quality services but receive bad reviews regarding this aspect, you may evaluate your services based on the reviews.

Do not be afraid to get bad reviews because you can use them to 10 Reasons improve your services. And, make sure that you respond to clients about their experience so that they will feel heard and might actually come back when good reviews start to arrive.

Make Google Review a platform for clients to share their experience as part of your medspa digital marketing, and use this as feedback.

5. Testimonials aid in medspa digital marketing

When you celebrate your anniversary in a restaurant, you make sure that it has good reviews. The same goes for medical spas. Audiences also seek reviews to know if the medical spa is worth trying or just a waste of money. 

After all, medical spas are businesses that offer not-so-cheap services. Who would want to risk trying a medical spa with no reviews at all? So, take the leap and make sure you get continuous reviews to empower your medspa digital marketing.

6. Google Review helps your website becomes more recognized

Reviews and website traffic bring a website to the top of the search list. Along with SEO, reviews prompt the algorithm to boost your search rankings. Therefore, more chances of clicks to your website.

7. Potential clients lurk on the internet and search for medspa reviews as a way to filter out options

Just like any other service, most people search reviews for medical spas as well. So, make sure that you have many reviews to show to potential clients once they see your site on the search ranks.

8. Google Review increases click-through rates

Google reviews carry more weight than content and keywords when it comes to search ranks. If you have many reviews, your website will have more online presence and better conversion rates.

Reviews are also the deciding factor whether audiences would want to try your services or not. Continuous good reviews make your brand shine.

9. Google Review makes you ahead of the medspa industry competition

Medspa digital marketing is a highly competitive industry because medical spas have been popping up like mushrooms in the country lately. So, if you utilize Google Reviews as part of your medspa digital marketing, you will be one step ahead of competitors in terms of advertising and conversion rates.

10. Google Review is leverage in terms of overall advertising

Say your spa already has a website with Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content. It also has excellent business and service. However, there are only a few reviews regarding your services, and the last one was even from 5 years ago.

On the other hand, a new medical spa near you just built its business page with only a little content. But, the owners encourage clients to give them a Google review in exchange for discount coupons.

If you will be honest, which among the two spas will you choose if you see them on the search results page? Obviously, the one with the many reviews. Now, this is how continuous Google Reviews also work as a free advertisement for your services.


Getting continuous reviews requires a constant number of clients; you want to learn how to keep your clients providing a review for you. Growth 99 can help you leverage Google Review to get more clients for your medical spa. In medspa digital marketing, the business which utilizes all possible marketing platforms is the one that will rise to the top. Contact us now!

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