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Growth99 PREMIUM:

The industry's most flexible websites with unlimited changes. Top-notch proven SEO and way to increase your Google Reviews.

Growth99 SOCIAL:

Effective social media postings + growing your following audience to increase social awareness and convert new clients.


Award-winning paid media plans to generate new leads with Google paid marketing & Social Media Advertising.


What brings it all together! The proven tracking system from online appointment setting, CRM, instant virtual consultations, self-driven landing pages, social media planning, email marketing, SMS campaigns and chatbot AI.

dr brian

We needed a digital marketing partner for our Dental business and Growth99 has gone above and beyond in creating a website that reflects our brand.



Powering Customers Around the World

More Efficiency and Scalability When You Need it

Our custom-built servers and 24/7 experts deliver breakthrough performance that grows with your business.

Capture all lead data from the contact forms, landing pages, AI Chatbots and any lead online lead submission. You can also Import leads from your legacy system, manually enter leads from customer calls, and strategically ignite SMS + Email Drip campaigns to automatically follow up and convert leads to long term raving clients.

Connect clients to the booking platform through the website, landing pages, AI Chat Bot, and even have a public URL to drive clients to book online through your social media channels.

Provide convenient payment options through an online payment system with online booking or onsite with your customers.

Custom email and SMS marketing with unique triggers designed to push clients to book and stay top of mind to engage with them about your service and updates.

Custom artificial intelligence chatbot with instant lead-to-trigger integration, instant notifications, and appointment booking.

Male-female custom model simulator to capture client symptoms and push data to recommend services while generating leads.

Schedule custom social media posts to push branded assets to all of your platforms with customized content and hashtags. You will also have dedicated access to your digital social media library where you can quickly engage with your audience.

Custom landing page creation to push marketing on social media, Google ads, and all paid media. Align your content with your landing pages to convert leads at a higher rate and incubate them with our CRM tool.

  • Website Changes (7-10 Business Days)
  • Website New Service Pages / Content (14-18 Business Days)
  • Technical Growth99+ (3-5 Business Days)
  • Reports (3-5 Business Days)
  • Graphics (7-10 Business Days)
  • Customer Experience Team
  • 24/7 Full Access To Training Help Center

The industry's most flexible website creation with custom graphic design, content creation, and unlimited changes.

Dedicated hosting on reliable infrastructure with 24/7 security, regular backups, and global availability.

Robust SEO strategy with configured SEO meta tags, keyword indexing, configured advanced SEO meta tags, backlinking, configured organic SE, configured meta tags, configured H1 tags, and unlimited keywords.

Google My Business allows the syndication of business information to over 50+ digital services, providing greater accuracy across the web and creating a robust localized SEO map search attracting more customers than ever before.

Optimize your Google My Business information to ensure the accuracy of all data and full visibility to your audience. Make sure you have the correct “NAP” (Name, Address & Phone Number) for the best local search results. With great images, great attributes, services, and a complete build-out of your GMB, your current customers and new potential clients will be able to find you much faster. Training will be provided.

Increase your reviews on major portals. Send out client feedback with a custom message via SMS, Email, or our QR Code Generator to collect feedback pushing positive feedback to online portals, such as Google, while at the same time avoiding a potential “1” star review. Push your 5-star reviews back to your website creating an automated testimonial feed.

Automated monthly blog posts to increase overall SEO performance and increase website traffic with constant relevant content. Search engines love consistent content. Building this up over time will continuously give you great search results online.

Monthly metric analysis report to determine the best growth strategies centered around key performance indicators and direct understanding of your business. Monthly data and business intelligence should be focused on the true data points to drive your business.

Designated Customer Experience Team to assist with strategies and solutions to achieve goals for your practice.

Custom Unlimited Graphic Design to promote, advertise and push viewers to your website, social media, print media, and email/SMS templates. Leverage our team to help you with all your Graphic Design Work.
BONUS: FREE 12 (On-Brand ) Graphics Provided Without Asking Us To Create Them!

Grow your social media accounts with a top-notch profile and audience with our digital distribution and strategies.

Promote custom graphics and content to drive traffic to your landing page and increase lead conversions. Creation of promotions and offers to hook/engage new leads to your business.

Monthly budget spending with effective lead distributions through target areas, keywords, and PPC advertising. Be found at the top of online search.

  • Website Changes (24-48 hours) Business Days
  • Website New Service Pages / Content (7-10 Days) Business Days
  • Technical Growth99+ (24-48 hours) Business Days
  • Reports (24-48 hours) Business Days
  • Graphics (3-5 Days) Business Days
  • 24/7 Full Access To Training Help Center


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