Google PPC + FB Retargeting Campaigns Are The Juggernaut Of Paid Searches For Medical Spas

Google PPC ads are effective, and combining that strategy with retargeting Facebook will achieve the benefits that become overwhelming. The Google PPC campaign is a strategy that allows results with an ad that is keyword and demographic-specific. This strategy enables the practice to determine what target audience they want to encompass while choosing the most effective keywords for the growth and management of the business. Facebook is a lucrative and growing tool as well, and retargeting the audience is the most effective process to achieve full potential.

Social media has become an avenue in businesses that continue to grow and prosper. Facebook has become a marketplace for companies that join social consumers and mix those elements for a progressive platform to achieve an entire following in one place. Retargeting is the idea of reconnecting with individuals that have formally interacted with your practice.

Prepare A List

Once your practice chooses to use the retargeting technique, it is vital to create a list of the criteria of former individuals that the company wants to reconnect with. This strategy can focus on interaction on the website, Facebook, and the practice with the specific service list. Retargeting these contacts through ads will enhance your new features and services while showing these contacts the innovation that your practice insists on achieving. Never fear revisiting older interactions to meet the need of your practice because often, your interactions will take time to develop appropriate meetings of their needs.

Install Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel application is a minimal fragment of data that you will paste into your Facebook code. The application monitors the people and the actions they perform that associate with your practice, service, and brand. This monitoring includes the Facebook ads that they interact with before engaging with the website or Facebook content. This application guides you through the action they take through your website, including the checkout process. This tool effectively retargets Facebook traffic that leads to your practice while monitoring the activity they take, which brings a greater insight into the direction Facebook retargeting needs to develop.

Facebook SDK

The Facebook SDK application is similar to Facebook Pixel in giving insight into what direction consumers are gearing their energy in navigation. This application also identifies the consumers through their unique signature. The Facebook SDK application enables companies to retarget consumers effectively through identification and consumers that navigate to specific avenues. This strategy allows the practice to focus on consumers that add a product to their cart but do not complete the payment process.

Create The Retarget Consumer Audience

Creating your custom audience for retargeting is essential in this process once you develop the insight that you are seeking. Using Facebook Pixel and SDK will assist you in developing this audience, but these applications will also build onto that campaign while it is active. When a consumer performs a specific action, they will become part of the target audience, and the application will add the consumer to the custom audience.

The company chooses the target action such as a visit to the companies website or adding a product or service to the cart but not completing the final payment step. This strategy allows the practice to develop ads from this insight that will reattract consumers that were not present in the customer stage of purchasing. This technique leaves the door open with solid marketing to gain a patient that may possess substantial needs that require guidance.

Creating Ads That Reimagine Services

Facebook ads and Google PPC ads are visual, so ensuring the product or service is relayed through the graphic ad will allow for the purchase to happen even if the description is not read thoroughly. Content is essential, but often consumers do not focus on every feature included in the written content. Creating inviting ads that give a dynamic edge to draw consumers’ attention is challenging but possible through design techniques that bring compelling attraction to the advertisement while ensuring your ad stands out from the competitors.

Facebook tools have the potential to further target this audience through their Messenger application with sponsored messages. Personalizing messages to consumers with previous interaction is a viable tool that Facebook businesses utilize, which will further guide the audience toward the other applications that will align together.

Facebook Measuring

Once you launch your Facebook retargeting campaign, Facebook measuring is another tool available through Facebook to optimize the business integration in the Marketplace. Facebook Measuring offers insights into the ads and campaign to identify where the most significant engagement is coming from within the retargeting strategy. This strategy gives continuing measurements that a medical spa practice needs to continue retargeting and engaging current, previous, and future consumers.

These tools work together and complement features of the other for substantive growth through the insights they provide. They also benefit from building a customizable platform to continue targeting specific consumers with the most significant potential of reengaging.


Facebook and Google offer powerful marketing tools that allow any size business to utilize the design and functionality. This technique levels the consumer market to include the small business area to enter and create growth while competition becomes a strategy that all can participate in. Marketing is essential in building a business, and these features will only grow and offer better insights into the structure of the business world.

At Growth99, engagement is a vital component of what we do by implementing the target audience you possess and build through design, content, and growth. With the tools available from Google, Facebook, and Growth99, the growth potential is responsive to create the professional vision you have for your Medical Spa. Utilizing the available marketing tools shows the dedication, motivation, and passion you place in your practice. With the proven results of these marketing tools, your practice has the potential to become a vision that you were only able to imagine. Google PPC and Facebook Retargeting are here to stay with statistical evidence on the workings and benefits of promoting this industry.

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