Hire a Local SEO Company To Boost Your Business In The Digital World

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Search Engine Optimization or commonly called SEO is a vital tool to boost businesses big or small. This is crucial and timely as we are in the state where the whole world is expected to be online to maintain social distancing and stay in touch. Internet presence is now a big thing. In light of the recent global events, every business’ contingency plan is to enhance their internet presence or migrate their business solely online. The internet world now is very much congested that the bar was raised in terms of SEO positioning. This surge prompted most businesses to look for a local SEO company to help them boost sales.


If your business is not yet on the internet, you may want to consider doing it soon. However, if you are already present on the internet, on social media, at the very least, or if you have an e-commerce site, the next best thing to do is to optimize your presence and to learn about SEO constantly. The former can be done through content creation and strategic keyword positioning while the latter is more of staying updated on what’s the latest in the SEO arena. Research never dies; it should be a form of routine day in and day out for businesses to adapt and thrive whatever the season or situation. This is to stay afloat (for now as the economy is terrible) and stand out.


Growth99, a US Local SEO Company, is always on the move towards innovative content and strategy, but what makes Growth99 stand out is our effective ways of attracting potential customers to a site or online content. Here, we’d like to share a few learnings we’ve picked up along the way.


Let’s start with the basics. If you are new to this, you’ve got to know what exactly SEO is and how it works. It is made up of efforts to help Google locate your business website, and it helps make your content visible or reachable to the users searching for it through keywords. Keywords are more of the touch words that users usually use when looking for something online. Once you type a keyword on Google search, results will show several websites with those words in their content. However, the challenge here is the rankings. Since everyone today wants a slice of the cake, SEO becomes one of the main ingredients to make your website on the top rankings. Interesting right? We’re just in the beginning, let’s dive further into how SEO can help boost your business.


Learning #1 – Search Engines are mothers of all web searches


It helps us find things, and it gives us results. With this, we can tap on the consumers’ needs. They are constantly looking for things to consume. That’s why they are called consumers in the first place. The first instinct would definitely be typing down the name of your business into the search box. SEO can help boost your business by improving its visibility. This is through providing insightful and organized information. From here, it can boost your business’ reach and gain higher rankings on the world wide web and higher chances of website traffic.




Learning # 2 – SEO is an ingredient for lead generation


If you are a novice in SEO, you may wonder how does this play a role in getting customers and increase sales. The answer is pretty straight forward. With good SEO rankings, it means your website or content is on the first batch of information served. Nowadays, because the information is easily accessed, people tend to be very impatient. They tend to click on whatever comes out first. It’s all about convenience, and this is why SEO exists. It does the hard work for you so that your business can be accessible to potential customers immediately. When that happens, people will click on your website, and depending on the quality of web content and what you have to offer, it can definitely convert into sales. The product/s or service/s you offer is not exactly what the person actually needs at that time. With SEO rankings, it can either convince the person to actually go for what you are offering immediately or, if not, can come back to your website and take note of your company details since you are on the top-ranking. Suppose you maintain that rank, most definitely, you would have already secured a future customer. All thanks to good SEO rankings.


*Tip: Add your business’s official social media sites to your website, put it somewhere on the front page so that people can follow and stay up to date with your business even if they are not ready yet to avail what you have to offer.


Learning #3 – SEO is the pied piper of your business


Not sure what this is? SEO is also about helping businesses maximize their reach and getting a number of following. It must come with valuable content, and it should be targetted to a specific audience. With SEO, it is actually easier to target or segment the audience into categories like newbies, enthusiasts, loyalties, and experts. An example would be, let’s say you are selling the latest gadgets as a business, and as surprised as you may be, there is still a fair amount of people who are not into gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and the likes. They are called newbies. We also have enthusiasts who are big fans of innovative technologies being made accessible through gadgets. These are people who cannot just have one type of gadget, they love a variety, or rather they love to upgrade their gadgets from time to time. They scamper to get new releases, and some even do a review to guide others. Next, we have loyalties. These are people who are fans of a specific brand. We have heard them tagged in groups like Team Android or Team ios. Although grouped based on preference, there is no clear rule that they cannot be convinced to try products. In fact, some are convinced enough to convert from time to time because of SEO. SEO is that powerful. Also, another worth mentioning are the experts. They are those who are well-versed with the technology and who are very strategic when it comes to purchasing gadgets and are known to be very thorough in doing their research. This is the type of audience that businesses usually target in managing their SEO strategies correctly and wisely. These are people that are a bit challenging to convince. The enthusiasts can sometimes be the experts as well, but the former is much easier to convince and are most of the time, easier to get them to convert to sales.


However, no matter what the conversion may be either getting those following convert into sales or just converting them into avid visitors to your site (because your content is that awesome), towards the end, you are still able to build a following. That is what SEO guarantees your business, and that is the kind of boost you’ll need to improve performance. Choose to boost your business by learning SEO and applying it daily as it is the way of businesses today.





Learning # 4 – Good SEO equals Good Business


Just like any other business, it is always advised that we maintain or set the bar higher when it comes to standards, but what about when it comes to SEO? As mentioned earlier, we are in a timely manner, where everyone is online and for a business that is, of course, both an advantage and disadvantage but mostly advantage because resources and potential customers are online. It is just a matter of being the favored brand or business.


How can SEO do that? The answer is Strong User Experience. Good SEO requires this much. The purpose of this is so that the web searcher can find information quickly and easily. Ideally, for example, if there is a potential customer who is currently researching the best gadget to use in the year 2020 and if your website happens to have that keyword and has specific content dedicated to that, then chances are your site would be clicked.


Another one would also be the updates you place in your site for relevancy. Good SEO requires updates. This is what Growth99, succeeds in doing. We strike while the iron is hot, and we are always innovatively moving forward. A website should constantly be evaluated, and content should be updated according to current times. Rankings can be changed once the content is outdated, which could lead to a decrease in your relevance online.


SEO is basically a cycle, and it goes around according to time. It should never stop unless something better than the internet is created one day, but for now, the internet is the way to go. It is wise to start thinking of making your business significant in the world of the internet because time and innovation would never stop for anyone.



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