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How to Build an Effective Newsletter for My Medical Spa

A newsletter is an excellent way to draw in leads and to feed marketing content to interested individuals. As long as you keep your newsletter relevant and engaging, it will become an effective tool for growing your medical spa. With the allure of running a regular newsletter, a question still remains. How can I build one for my business? Here are a few tips on how you can build an effective newsletter for your medspa. 

Build an Email List

You may be tempted to think about just buying off an email list online. It could be the quickest way to start, but not necessarily the smartest way to do it. There are plenty of risks of buying off an inorganic email list. First off, not all emails will be for the leads your business needs. Secondly, the emails you send are unsolicited. The emails you send out are bound to end up in the spam folder or in the trash. Lastly, email providers like Google can flag and terminate your account. There are terms of use that you need to follow and sending a hundred emails to random people can raise red flags in the system.

You can organically build your email list through marketing on other platforms such as your social media accounts, your website, or through flyers in your medical spa. Doing these things can help you earn subscribers that are really interested in your business. You can even incentivize newsletter subscriptions through discounts and complimentary services. The process won’t be fast, but it’ll help your medspa in the long run. 

Segment Your Subscribers

Segmentation is key to sending out the right emails to the right people. By knowing the key characteristics of your subscribers, you can segregate them into groups and send out emails that are probably relevant and engaging for them. 

In the subscription form for your newsletter, you can add a very short questionnaire to help you understand your subscribers better. You can segregate frequent medspa goers from those who are new to procedures. You can also segregate your subscribers according to the procedures they are interested in. With the data you collect, you can create different canned emails for different segments of your email list.

Content Planning

You should understand that there are several types of emails out there. Not every email should scream, “Book an Appointment Today”. Value emails are the types of emails that seek to inform and engage users without directly marketing your services. You can send out emails that explain why a person gets acne or how to prevent wrinkles. These types of emails aren’t selling anything, but they are the emails that users are likely to read. Your consolation is that your brand is reinforced in their minds and that you can retain these readers as your subscribers.

Content planning is crucial because repeated content is far from effective. In fact, it can easily end up in spam. A neat trick you should learn when planning your emails is that you need to build up a relationship with your readers through value emails. Then, you try to establish or emphasize a need that your services can resolve. Finally, you can put your reader in a position to make a decision on whether to get your services or not. 

Encourage Engagement

Your newsletter doesn’t have to be only you and your business talking. Engagement is crucial in getting a subscriber to become more involved with your medspa. Your emails can ask your subscribers’ feedback about your medspa if ever they were your previous clients. 

You can also bring users from their inboxes out into your other marketing platforms, such as your social media accounts and website pages. Email campaigns aren’t necessarily alienated from your other marketing strategies. Rather, you can use emails to contribute to a cohesive goal of growing your business through different platforms.

Your newsletter is one of the best places to conduct your drip marketing campaigns. That’s why it pays to create and run an effective one. However, the process of building one may seem like a lot of work. With how busy you are with running your medical spa, you might need help.

With Growth99, you can get in touch with people who can upsize your email campaigns and automate the process for you. In due time, your newsletter can grow a considerable following. But even more than that, you can catapult lead conversions into actual bookings for your medical spa. You will gain access to the services of in-house writers and graphic designers who can help with planning out your emails. What awaits you are results that can be quantified through analytics and metrics. With the collaboration, you can just focus on running your medical spa to newer heights.

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