Three Key Ways to Grow Your Medical Spa with Great SEO Exposure

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Each month, hundreds of thousands of local searches for medical spa services in the United States. And this pace is not slowing down anytime soon. How the medical spa industry has thrived was unprecedented to some, and yet, more and more people today seek the various beauty solutions the medical aesthetics industry offers. Hence, the competition for this growing demand can be fierce.

One of the most efficient and effective ways to grow your medical spa business is through robust digital marketing strategies, particularly search engine optimization or SEO. Whether you have already planned out a great SEO approach for your medical spa, or you’ve only started to discover about this magic recently, SEO is a critical tactic you need to implement to solidify your digital marketing strategy, and the time is now.

Running a business is not a walk in the park, and challenges are inevitable. Even so, many medical spa owners fail to realize that optimizing their websites can effectively bring in new clients. Utilizing SEO can usher potential patients right to your practice, and this post will tell you three key ways to grow your medical spa business with a healthy and sufficient SEO exposure.

1.  Discover the best keywords

First things first: know your keywords. No matter how advanced your digital marketing strategy is for your medical spa business, you can’t do much without knowing the right keywords to target a specific audience group. Your target market will use keywords to find what they’re looking for on the internet and find solutions to their problems that your practice can solve. Discovering the best keywords requires a little research but can come back to you and compensate for the time and effort you invested.

Imagine you were in a prospective patient’s shoes. How would you search for the best solution to your problem? What would you type in the search bar online? If a searcher types in “how to treat facial lines and wrinkles,” that would ultimately mean a potential patient is seeking your help. Now, go and start searching on Google. What sites pop up after you hit the search button? It is best to observe and look at the common words used in the snippets you can find on the search results.

It is also essential to think about related words or synonyms and other word groups that form a similar meaning. You could consider keyword phrases such as “solutions to fine lines and wrinkles” or the “common signs of skin aging.”

2.  Publish high-quality content regularly.

SEO traffic is highly influenced by the consistency with which you post your content, such as blogs. While there is no magic number for how often you should post content on your website, regularly publishing content with one to four posts a week is not such a bad idea. Doing this can significantly keep your SEO fresh and attract a larger audience. If your audience discovers your site publishing regular and relevant content, the greater your chances of getting your site bookmarked and revisited for updates.

Furthermore, creating engaging content will leave an impression on your website visitors. Poor writing quality or incoherent content will most likely make them lose interest and, worse, question your credibility as an aesthetic provider. Publish valuable content for your target market while upholding your brand’s standards. Valuable content includes answers to important questions, provides insights that are useful for everyone, and does not leave anything out.

Remember to use appropriate keywords realistically. Don’t try to fill your pages with fluff or overstate the keywords in an attempt to boost your ranking. Google and other search engines are very particular with this, and when spotted, your site may be penalized, and your organic ranking will plummet. Your website visitors will also not like it since nobody wants to read the exact words repeatedly. Keep it simple, authentic, and natural – you’re writing for a person.

3.  Link building

The third most essential SEO strategy is link building. After publishing valuable content, a common practice is contacting websites that publish content that interconnects with yours and request them to link to your pages. Doing this can take a lot of time and work; therefore, you may go about it in different ways. Some businesses have an in-house team searching the web for relevant content, contacting the website owners, and sending proposals. And some hire an outside digital marketing team to do the work for them.

These practices may require overhead and be time-consuming, yet having your site linked to other pages will ultimately boost your search engine ranking and drive traffic to your website. It will also position you as a trusted and authoritative source. However, one needs to be careful not to overdo this tactic. In the latest (as of May 2020) Google algorithm updates, too much focus on link building seems to cause websites to get dinged. This is where your high-quality content saves the day! As link building should have a limit, posting regular and valuable content on your website will do the rest of the work in convincing other sites to link to you, even when you don’t have to ask.

Hire an expert

Even when it appears complicated to some, SEO is mostly common sense. However, running a medical spa is already a full-time job in itself. Hiring an SEO expert to ensure your site is optimized and gets the best ranking on Google is wise and practical. They can audit your site and monitor how it performs against your most critical keywords and help you take your medical spa website to the next level!

Here’s some excellent news for you: You don’t have to be an SEO wizard to make sure your website is well optimized and positioned for organic search engine traffic. Growth99 is home to digital marketing professionals with expertise in various digital strategies, specifically SEO. Do you want to jumpstart your medical spa’s success today? Book a free consultation and see what’s in store for you!


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