Why Google PPC Is Here To Stay With Medical Aesthetics Marketing

Marketing is essential to the growth and presence of your medical aesthetic practice. Marketing aids in your branding, your profit margin, and your overall company in the industry. The marketing options are vast, and possessing the proper tools can assure that your goals happen with strategic planning and implementation. Google supports this process in multiple ways with tools and products to boost a business through standard practices that cater to all businesses regardless of size, location, and service offering. Google algorithms are a strategy to level the playing field and allow the small companies to compete with the corporations enabling the digital marketplace to be a fair and lucrative utilization.

What Is Google PPC?

Google pay-per-click (PPC) is a marketing strategy that utilizes paid ads, but the business only incurs costs when consumers click on their ad. The advertiser targets keywords for this technique that surrounds SEO for their practice. The advertiser then can set up a budget for this marketing strategy that aligns with their business and needs. This process allows the company to focus on its keywords that will target services and potentially demographics to drive its marketing goals. PPC all centers around targets, and when a consumer is searching for a service or product, the practice ad will return a positive search result and will only incur a cost when the consumer clicks the ad, which routes to the practice website.

PPC Platforms

The leading platforms consist of Google and Microsoft that route on their respective search engine and partner sites. Google has the most popular and most prominent of the pay-per-click marketing platforms. The Google PPC platform began in 2000, and innovation and constant upgrading of the system consistently happens. The Google ads reflect criteria from small business owners to conglomerate corporations, allowing for a diverse platform to ensure all companies receive a fair chance at growth.

Microsoft advertising has a similar design to Google with their PPC technology that is viewable on Microsoft and Yahoo networks but enables search partners. Microsoft technique primarily centers around keywords. The engine support is Bing, a well-known name, and a usage is a viable form of advertising. These platforms offer a lucrative marketing strategy for medical aesthetics with the ability for growth regardless of the size of the practice.

Google PPC Benefits

Google Massive Database

Google has built an empire with its tools, strategies, and image while creating trust in fair business practices to enable all companies to benefit from the devices. Google’s PPC ad campaign possesses a vast amount of resources for the PPC design and implementation by breaking it down into positive and negative keywords along with demographic utilization. This model allows small businesses to find a market with the budget setting and utilize all the features to ensure a proper technique for growth and success.

Increase Brand Awareness

The Google PPC does more than market your products and services and boosts your company’s brand with the presence to be seen. Generating traffic to your website guides the reader into who you are and what you do regardless of the one service they seek. Brand awareness is vital to the growth and development of your practice because laying the framework for your practice will achieve a patient base that comes to your practice long-term due to the optimal services and care you provide. This technique creates a brand, image, and presence that you need all through the PPC advertisement.

Measure Your Impact

This platform allows for consistent monitoring of the implementation of your PPC ads with a dashboard that the user can optimize for development and growth. Old-style marketing did not allow this process because there was no way to gauge where the leads and patients were coming from, but statistics are one of the main elements of this platform. You will be able to monitor who clicked your ad, how many leads, how much traffic, and which keywords were most successful. These statistics enable the variations to change and grow to create a model that works best for your practice.

Match Your Competition

Competition is a part of the medical aesthetic market, with more competitors entering the market every day. This information proves how large the market is and the available growth, but your competitors will have the advantage without marketing. When your competitor uses this marketing strategy of Google PPC and your practice does not, they will receive the growth and development while your approach suffers. Competition is the driving force in this market, providing an opportunity for all practices that possess dedication for growth and innovation. Developing your plan for marketing that set up while sitting back as the patients come to your business is a logical and encouraging move.

Control Your Profits

You get to choose the budget and revenue goals that you are comfortable with while your revenue increases. Determining your goals to align with your practice for steady growth while you create a substantial patient base is all in your control. This technique enables your practice to be what you envision with you developing the ad, the keywords, and the demographics. When you have control of your practice, you will determine its success and growth that it achieves. Google PPC has the potential to boost your profits, image, and traffic through proven marketing techniques that a significant amount of businesses are using.


At Growth99, we utilize and guide all proven methods for promoting your Medical Aesthetic practice. Our experience and knowledge drive our team to create a plan, design, and content to enable your brand to become a solid and compelling vision of who you are professional. Utilizing all the elements available to your practice through strategic planning and design will allow for growth and development in this innovative and changing market. Focusing on your brand, website design, SEO content, and marketing will ensure your practice is at the top of the industry to achieve the vision you possess for your medical aesthetic practice.

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