Why Your Reputation Is “Everything” For Your Cosmetic Medical Practice!

Reputation is going to be an extremely important lever to control when you’re trying to grow your cosmetic plastic surgery medical practice. It is more important than ever to make sure you have the correct platform and Technology to manage your overall online web experience reputation from a consumer standpoint. If you currently do not have a process in place to manage your online reviews on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, in all of the other industry-specific portals to the medical space we would strongly encourage you to implement a solution. Studies have shown that 76% of consumers are now conducting online searches for overall reviews and ratings for the medical field. Even if you have grown your business with word-of-mouth nowadays buyer behavior is getting smarter and smarter and they will be conducting an online search to back up the referral source. Even if the direct referral source is a trusted friend or family member they are still going to conduct a quick Google query to see exactly what others are saying about your Medical Practice, Medical Spa, Cosmetic Practice, Plastic Surgery Facility, and overall General Medicine. Keep in mind in this specific business vertical we are conducting in some ways facial treatment altering and we need to be cautious of how the public views our talent and work. We have identified several online tools and resources that are extremely cost-effective and super advantageous to implement into your medical business. We constantly preached that investing in technology and automation especially in this scenario managing your reputation is hard to really put a dollar on the cost. A one-star review can cost your practice thousands and thousands of dollars. So, protecting that is extremely important, and embracing a small reoccurring technology cost should not steer you away from the potential upside and more importantly the downside. We actually have a really cool tool at Growth99 where our technology can send out a text message or email collecting feedback on the overall experience the patient had at the medical facility that day. In some cases, we can actually do a full integration into your CRM or EMR automating the entire flow. The tool is pretty sophisticated but at the same time simplistic. Essentially, the system will send out a notice collecting feedback from the patient and if the overall experience was positive at the medical practice the tool will encourage them to leave a review on Google, Facebook, Yelp, or any other specific industry vertical. In the event, the client had a bad experience it will create a form where they can rant avoiding the one-star review. This accomplishes three things immediately for your medical practice.

1: It automated the process of collecting feedback!
2: it is consistently collecting online reviews which are very empowering for localized SEO and increasing conversion rates.
3: it controls your reputation reducing the risk and exposure of a potentially bad review.
Furthermore, the tool can actually collect all of the online 5 Star reviews and slingshot them back to your website creating an automated testimonial feed that’s validated and stamped from Google creating authenticity in your overall online reputation. No more having to manually upload testimonials to your website that have no validation. And last, the tool can actually create a social media post collecting further engagement.

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