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Why Growth99?

Attract New Clients

Effective strategies to bring more patients to your practice.

Retain Existing Clients

Tools to ensure client loyalty and repeat visits.

Streamline Operations

Simplify daily tasks for smoother practice management.

Growth99 Helps Your Med Spa Grow
At Any Stage

New Practice

Everything you need to successfully grow your new practice. Attract & engage new patients, generate a positive online reputation and fine tune your products and services mix.


Scale your successful practice with additional growth coming from new patients while engaging and retaining your existing client base.


Take your high performance practice and optimize your operations. Maximize revenues and margins while continuing to grow.


Continued growth through adding new locations, acquiring other practices and introducing new practice offerings.

Growth99 is Perfect for:

How Growth99 Compares:


Other Competitors


Operation Management



Client Retention




Client Attraction

Manual & Fragmented

Automated and Integrated

What Our Clients Say:

Shelby Miller

Ruma Aesthetics

Return On Investment:935%

"Growth99 has been an integral part of our marketing. The ROI in working with them and seeing that translate into growth in our practice has been incredibly beneficial."

Rachel Fidino

New U Womens Clinic

Return On Investment:824%

"After launching our website, our online presence improved, driving increased traffic, which helped us increase our bookings. Their expertise has been invaluable in helping us stand out in women's health."

Kelly Hermans

Beautiphi Aesthetic Boutique

Return On Investment:1523%

"With Growth99s assistance, we ve seen an increase in online bookings and brand recognition. Partnering with Growth99 was a great decision for us. The improvement of our online presence has been remarkable!"

Gretchen Frieling


Return On Investment:1230%

"Growth99 has an incredible team that is extremely responsive in helping with growing your business."

Amy Lynn Plantier

Glo Derma

Return On Investment:861%

"Growth99 has been amazing to work with! We are thrilled to have an opportunity to be a client."


Achieve Success in 3 Easy Steps:


Understand Your Practice

We learn about your services and goals.


Build Your Solution

We create a customized growth platform for your needs.


Grow Your Practice

Attract, retain, and manage clients seamlessly.

Join 2,000+ Successful Providers with Growth99

Our Mission

Growth99 is here to help elective wellness practices thrive by making it easier to attract and retain patients. Our software and services are designed to fill your schedule, so you can focus on providing excellent care. We are dedicated to simplifying marketing and operations, empowering you to grow your practice with confidence.

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